Financial Assistance Provided by Simon Fraser University to International Student

After Successful enrollment at the Simon Fraser University, international students can access most of the financial assistance provided by the university. In Simon Fraser University, the financial assistance is majorly administered in the form of scholarships, awards, bursaries and the Work-Study program.

Simon Fraser University

Simon Fraser University
Simon Fraser University

International students pursuing undergraduate and graduate programs in the Simon Fraser University are eligible for a variety of financial assistance programs. This included entrance or continuing scholarships, graduate fellowships, awards, teaching and research assistant ships, bursaries, loans, and the SFU’s work-study program.

Total scholarship support for any candidate cannot exceed $50,000 per academic year. So, let’s have a detailed look at the various financial aids and assistance provided to international students at Simon Fraser University.

Entrance Scholarships

The International Summit Transfer Entrance Scholarship– This scholarship of value $3,500 is offered by the Simon Fraser University to the International Students in the terms of fall, spring or summer.

University Transfer Entrance Scholarship– Canadian as well as International students seeking admission in the Simon Fraser University in the term fall are eligible for this scholarship of value $3500.

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Scholarships and Awards

Most awards for students studying in the Simon Fraser University are processed through departmental nomination. Application packages should be submitted to the respective department/academic unit unless otherwise indicated. Apart from this, to avail, a scholarship student must apply online.

The awards that help international students in current programs are

  • Entrance scholarships
  • Mackenzie King Memorial Scholarship
  • Graduate fellowship
  • Graduate [Int’l] Research scholarship
  • Travel/ Minor Research
  • Faculty of Communication and Art.
  • Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology Dean’s Fund Graduate Fellowship
  • External award: Schwarzman Scholars
  •  Faculty of Education MEd Graduate Fellowship (TEAL-F program)
  • Michael Smith Foreign supplement
  • Northern Training scientific Program
  • President’s Ph.D. scholarships
  • SFU private Awards
  • Banting Postdoctoral fellowship
  • Provost International Fellowship​​​​​​


An international student studying at Simon Fraser University, Canada can avail a bursary after filling an application form online. A candidate must full-fill the below-described eligibility criteria to avail Bursary at SFU.

The Simon Fraser University assumes that students will arrange their own funding to meet immigration requirements for the renewal of student authorizations and visas. Hence, an offer to study in the SFU automatically does not come with an offer of financial support.

Bursaries administered by SFU are awarded on the basis of financial need only. This is a way of supplemental funding to the students studying in SFU and cannot be used for the core funding required to meet immigration requirements.

Eligibility Criteria and Application Process for Bursary

  • Eligibility
    • A candidate applying for Bursary must hold a minimum of 3.0 CGPA in previous terms. However, this term of a minimum CGPA is waived for candidates pursuing the first term in the University.
    • Secondly, a candidate applying for Bursary must be a full-time student at the University.
  • Finally, Bursary is only issued to candidates who demonstrate a financial need as assessed by SFU.
  • Application Process
  • Check the application period and apply by logging in to the Student Information System.
  • Click on the “apply for bursary option” and complete your application form to submit it.
  • Set up a direct deposit to receive any funds, if you are eligible to receive.

Loans and Financial Assistance via Line of Credit

International students in dire need of financial assistance can apply for student Line of credit. This is a private loan facility available to the students studying at Simon Fraser University.

In this loan facility, students are charged with higher interests, so, SFU’s international students are advised to first apply for a cheaper loan in their home country. If they cannot avail the loan in their home country then Line of Credit is an expensive yet reliable financial aid.

SFU’s Work-Study Program

The Work-Study Program of the Simon Fraser University is an opportunity to participate in research-based projects and earn a supplemental income and aid your financial needs. Moreover, when candidates work under the SFU’s work-study program they also gain valuable experience by connecting with various members of the SFU community and hence they get a good co-curricular record.