Golden Tips to Transform Your Old Home Into a Dream Home

Renovation instills a new life in a house making it a functional dream home. Some older homes need maintenance, repair, or complete remodeling to transform them into perfect abodes.  However, nothing comes free of cost. So, a lot of house-owners shy out from fixing run-down dwellings owing to insufficient funds. In this situation, a home renovation loan is what one needs to consider; thereby catering all the necessary expenses.

Dream Home
Dream Home

Here are few expert tips, which one can consider to upgrade and improve the aesthetics of your home.

1. Deck Up the Outdoor Living Area of Dream Home

Bring out the best of the outdoor living space by decking up it with a patio swing. Add a small fountain to uplift the moods of the family members during the lowest of times. Creating a small garden is also a good way to welcome nature into a home.

2. Transform the Bedroom Into a Master Bedroom

A master bedroom is undeniably a peaceful gateway after an all-day hectic day. Transform the conventional bedroom into an “en suite” with significant interior changes including a king-size bed, special bath, and walk-in closets to name a few.

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3. Time for Something More Than a Regular Kitchen

Avail a modular kitchen giving an uncluttered look to space. With a beautiful amalgamation of open shelves and closed cabinets, one can incorporate an aesthetic touch to a modern kitchen.

Additionally, one can add life in the chef’s place by simply putting a pot plant around a hook or beside the kitchenette window.

4. Construct a Mini-bar

Opting for a mini bar in the seating area is a perfect addition to the home renovation process. An in-house bar often becomes a center of attraction for the guests.

5. Introduce an in-house Library

The space under the staircase can be a good candidate for making an in-house library. With a few additional bookshelves and vintage chairs, this place can be an open zone for all book lovers.

6. Finally, Light it Up

Lastly, lighting plays an essential part when it comes to home décor. However, it’s better to have organic planning for both natural and electrical lighting.

One may add a skylight to a kid’s room, or a staircase window for easy allowance of daylight. On the other hand, a person can jazz up the bedroom décor with led lights of nimbler hues and may adorn the living area with a chandelier.

Anyway, opting for a Home Renovation Loan can cater all the essential expenses required for this mending process. So, now it’s time to learn about the significant features of this personal loan.

  • Quick approval: One can apply for Personal Loan and get a quick approval under 5 minutes for reviving your home.
  • High financing amount: Home renovation loan provides substantial financing amount up to Rs. 25 lakh.
  • Flexible tenor: Moreover, lending institutions of good repute allow the borrowers to select a tenure from 12 to 60 months to repay the loan amount.
  • Collateral free: This is an unsecured loan and doesn’t require any collaterals or guarantors to the lenders.
  • Easy online account management: With a few clicks, one can get access to his account anytime, anywhere. He can also calculate all his EMIs with the EMI calculator.
  • Affordable interest rate: Additionally, one can enjoy attractive personal loan interest rates from the leading NBFCs while availing the loan.

Documentation Required

One of the added advantages of this renovation loan is that it requires minimal documentation which includes:

  • KYC documents
  • Employee ID
  • Bank account history of last 3 months
  • Income slips of the previous 2 months (for salaried individuals)

Note: Moreover, one can check his Personal Loan Eligibility Criteria with an eligibility calculator.

Loan for home renovation not only gives your home an instant makeover but also add a resale value to it. So, consider this personal loan and provide enhance your happy place.