Let’s Build an Envious Bathroom

Be it premium bathroom suites or a designer bathroom suite or even a small luxury cloakroom suite, and all these have one thing in common, their excellent, magnificent designs blended with top-notch technology, unwinds the soul and mind with stunning visual and great serenity. Here are the “Top 10 Luxurious bathroom tips that will never go out of style”.

Bathroom Suites

bathroom suites
bathroom suites

1. Bathtub

The Bathtub is the first in our lists. Whether it is a small luxury bathroom or a premium bathroom suite, bathtub plays a vital role in transforming a normal space into a glamorous one.

  • Think out of the box with Standalone tubs. Standalone tubs placed over a layer of white pebbles give a classy and chic bathroom style makeover.
  • Get a spa experience with a Jacuzzi hot tub with small water inlets. Jacuzzi provides massage seamlessly and offers a therapeutic experience. 

2. Double Basins

  • Go lavish with these double washbasin model for his and hers. Double basins naturally adapt to any style of bathroom and mostly found in designer bathroom suites. It adds a luxe-quotient for its magnificent look. Double space, double the elegance.
  • Pair it up with a long-sized huge rectangular or oval mirror, which provides a refreshing look instantly.

3. WM Water Closets

Wall Mount Water Closets is a standout piece in luxury bathroom suites. This beautiful bathroom design is carefully curated with the latest technology, by combining the cistern and toilet as one single entity, Wall Mount Water Closets is a revolution by itself and undoubtedly envious addition to any modern bathroom. This water saving technology with space saver and silent flush with a concealed feature is cutting-edge technology.

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4. Shower

Spoil Yourself in a Rainforest shower or Over Head square type shower with a larger diameter for a pampering effect. Relax your senses with multiple shower jets fixed in the wall for a massaging cooling effect. A glass cubicle gives a standout statement and opt-in for any designer bathroom brand for a rich visual treat.

5. Wooden Floor

Dark wooden floors especially Espresso gives a chic and elegant look. For any bathroom remodel, wood flooring is a beautiful bathroom design, not only for its opulence but also helps in maintaining warm temperature even on cold winter days.

6. Flaunt it with Rug

An eclectic addition to any premium bathroom suites is not complete with this piece of luxurious fabric. The Rug adds a vibrant to any bathroom designs and its versatile feature fit into any bathroom styles.

7. Size Do matters

The larger the bathroom, the more stunning it looks with all the design elements. Minimal is the key here, to get a unique organic look from the stereotype look with sleek vanity units and one-of-a-kind designs gives a more sophisticated look.

8. Light It Up

Suspending lighting over the bathtub provides an alluring effect to the beautiful bathroom designs. Shy away from using gorgeous chandeliers above the bathtub or globe pendant lights.

Lighting brings out the classy design textures in an effortless way. Use the lights in an unconventional way like using a backlit for the large mirror above the basin. It gently illuminates the room in a subtle way.

9. Indoor Plants

An elegant and straightforward method to convert a room into a more natural way is by imparting Indoor plants. Bring the walls to life, by creating a vertical garden. The fresh greenery indoor plants give an aroma of soul and mind. Placing standalone marble plants also enhances a positive vibe.

10. Copper accessories

Adopting the bathroom design inspiration from the premium bathroom suites and designer bathroom brands gives us inspiring informative ideas as the copper tone uses in accessories. Spectacular copper piping, faucets, mirror borders and in plant pots adds a touch of luxury in every detail.