Hard Reset Huawei Honor Holly 3 & Solve Pattern, PIN Lock

This is about hard reset Huawei honor holly 3 new android cell phone. Our Current goal is creating a reset Huawei honor holly-like reset Sony Xperia z smartphone. I had known that Samsung android phone is the top-level android smartphone in the world so it has been taken the first position in competition with others smartphone company. But I don’t know how many positions with Huawei android cell phone.

We are always using the iOS and device Android devices so that we can saw which is the best-operating system for the general user? As a general user, the android operating systems is the perfect operating systems for use comfortably even a lot of people already using the android cell phone for their privileges.

Hard Reset Huawei Honor Holly 3

Hard Reset Huawei Honor Holly 3
Hard Reset Huawei Honor Holly 3

In every year, the android CEO (Chief Executive Manager) published new operating systems for their respectful users. Kitkat-4.0, Lolipop-5.0, Marshmallow-6.0 and Nougat, 7.0 (.0=++) is the type of current android operating systems. It has provided the update feature for the android smartphone so that users would be satisfied with using their android cell phone device.

Most of the problems for Huawei

Problems will not be showed only for the Huawei android smartphone. So now, I just show you a few relevant most problems for android smartphones that will be made your smartphone hard reset & factory reset. Nowadays, Google lock is a big problem for android smartphone users. On the other hand, shut down automatically, forgetting the password, PIN, Pattern. So for these rezone basically, we need to make hard reset and factory data reset.

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Requirement of Hard Reset Huawei Honor Holly 3

  1. Keep the battery charge up 30% to 70% (How recommended?)
  2. Is the smartphone has suitable for hard reset? (compare the problems also following on the above information)
  3. Take a strong and original USB cable (Require for transfer data)

Important Notice

The rules for hard reset, you should abide the notice successfully. Otherwise, you would face in tossed. You may have been kept important data on the smartphone device. So, you need to backup these data at anyhow otherwise, you will lose all data because hard reset or factory reset erase them clearly. On the other hand, if you mind that there have the unnecessary file so that these wouldn’t be required for you then make hard reset without backup. But if necessary, before making hard reset you need to backup successfully.

Two Ways to Reset Huawei Honor Holly 3

Hard Reset Huawei Honor Holly 3
Hard Reset Huawei Honor Holly 3

First way Hard Reset Huawei Honor Holly 3

  1. Confirm that your smartphone power is off, if not then turn off using the power button.
  2. Tap the power button as well as Volume plus (Power and Volume+)
  3. Don’t remove your finger before appearing the android recovery image
  4. After appearing, remove your finger from these button at all.
  5. Use Volume + and volume – button to select and power for confirming or reboot your Huawei honor holly 3.
  6. Now select wipe data/factory reset option successfully from various option
  7. After the complete the option then you will see the reboot
  8. Select the reboot option and confirm the option.
  9. After few second, the Huawei honor holly 3 hard reset would finish successfully.

Okay, we had finished the first steps of hard reset the Huawei honor holly 3 android smartphone successfully. Now, you should setup and setting the smartphone to open clearly. If you will not setup successfully, the problems will not be solved. So try to setting the smartphone mindfully also after finishing the hard reset first process.

Second way Factory Reset Huawei Honor Holly 3

  1. Make sure that your Huawei honor holly 3 smartphone power is on
  2. Go to the Apps option and from this option now setting option.
  3. From the setting option, you have to select the Factory Data Reset
  4. If you need to backup something, you can backup (Ways to backup important data)
  5. Now select the reset phone
  6. Erase everything from the Huawei honor holly 3 android smartphone.
  7. As well as the second way has been finished.
  8. Now, setup your Huawei honor holly 3 after finishing the second way.

Extra information: if you don’t know that how to use free wireless internet wifi hotspot, click the option how to setup wifi hotspot on Huawei honor holly 3. On the other hand, if you don’t know how to root this smartphone, you can follow the link: