Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy C7 2017 | Samsung Easy Solution


Welcome to our solution blog. Today, we will serve you how to hard reset Samsung galaxy c7 2017 Android smartphone. Firstly, I will show you everything about the hard reset. Hard reset will help us in various place. Such as after hard reset, the smartphone virus will be removed, PIN code and Pattern would be removed easily. After all, a hard reset will help for setting your Android smartphone as a new smartphone program.

The Samsung Galaxy C7 2017 is a new additional android smartphone for July 2017. I already listen from the user of galaxy c7 2017 that they have faced FRP lock, setting moved automatically, forgetting PIN password and etc. So I recommended you to reset your galaxy c7 2017 smartphone programs if you face such problems. We know that user always made many mistakes such as forgetting their password, pattern, pin code and other various type security one Samsung galaxy c7 (2017).

The feature of Samsung Galaxy C7 2017

What type of feature or specification supported on the Samsung Galaxy c7 2017 smartphone? It’s maybe your question. Samsung galaxy c7 (2017) is not the same to another Android smartphone. Samsung galaxy c7 (2017) have various helpful privileges as well, 13 mega picture camera and 4GB RAM supported on this smartphone. This smartphone supported Android operating systems (OS) Nougat 7.1.1.

This feature is totally new and it’s better than old Android version. Supported battery 2850mAh power that will remain very Longley. Everything is comfortable for you but if you can’t use the smartphone frankly then you cannot fill comfortable of using the Samsung Galaxy C7 2017 smartphone.

Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy C7 2017
Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy C7 2017

Requirements of Reset Samsung Galaxy C7 2017

  1. An active Samsung Android smartphone
  2. Smartphone battery charge up 40% to 50% (how recommended?)
  3. Create any platform as yourself to backup data (optional)

Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy C7 2017

Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy C7 2017
Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy C7 2017
  • Confirm that your smartphone battery charges been followed by the requirements rules.
  • If the smartphone power is on then off it also using this Samsung Galaxy C7 2017 power button.
  • After turn off, wait for 1 minute and then the press volume +(plus) button, Home button, and power button.
  • Release the whole button after appearing the Samsung logo from this Samsung Galaxy C7 2017.
  • After appearing android recovery mode, select (Wipe Data – Factory Reset) using the volume (-) down button.
  • Again select “Yes–delete all user data” using volume (-) down button.
  • Now select “reboot system now” of Samsung Galaxy C7 2017
  • As well as the hard reset Samsung Galaxy C7 2017 has been succeeded

Factory and soft reset Samsung Galaxy C7 2017

  • Tap on Apps from the Samsung Galaxy C7 2017 home screen
  • Go to the Setting option of home screen
  • Now tap on setting option then erase the smartphone
  • Tap on delete—-all—User data/ Factory data reset
  • After a few seconds, the soft and factory reset will be finished successfully

I hope, you have complete the hard reset process with the Samsung Galaxy C7 2017 Android smartphone. Although, you will not be permitted to do extra benefit after the hard reset. So you can make root for this smartphone as a result, you will get various kinds of opportunities. If you have problems then comment, please.