How to Adjust Door Closer?

Every day we are getting habituated with modern lifestyle & love to make everything simple. For instance, we like to stay in a contemporary apartment and like to make everything smooth. Opening and closing the door several times in a day could be monotonous.

In this case, an adjustable door closer can help you out solve this kind of problem, and certainly, it will make your daily work a bit fast and accurate. In this article, we will talk about how to adjust the door closer?

What is a Door Closer?

how to adjust door closer

It is known as a mechanical device that is attached to your home or office door. The main feature of an automated door closer is it is operated in a computerized manner just by receiving an instruction. A door closer is being operated by spring tension, which is modulated by hydraulic fluid.

The process of hydraulic fluid works as it passes from one reservoir to another. This makes the closing operation. The most reasonable door closer is called surface mounted door closer. It works from the surface of the door or header.

Types of door closer

  • Concealed door closers
  • Overhead door closers
  • Floor-spring door closers
  • Surface-mounted door closers

Concealed Door Closer

It can provide functionality almost the same as overhead door closers, but it is placed within the door leaf and sometimes on the frame. It will reduce noise and make your door closing hassle-free and pleasant and also help you to minimize vandalism.

You can use this type of door closer to your home or office. The concealed door closers are usually placed in aluminum glazed storefront business doors. It is renowned as a self-contained door and has a wide range of door functions, which consists of no exterior arm. It will help you to reduce vandalism.

Overhead Door closer

It is renowned as a surface fitted door closer, which can slide arm configurations correctly. The Overhead door closer is the wide user door closer for office setup as it works smoothly.

Floor Spring Door closer

Floor spring is known as a mechanical door closing device that is using for glass doors, and it also works for patch fitting. It can be used both in the home or in an office. Usually, the in-house decoration of an office is done by glass fitting. We can use floor spring door closer there.

It could be risky if you use the front door as floor spring door closer. The reason is the glass is easily broken by a big pressure to use it in a specific room. Its maintenance process is easy. Just you should not press the door at high pressure and keep an eye on the spring so that if it is being damaged, you can replace it quickly.

Surface-mounted door closer

It is considered as the most common and long-lasting door closer to home and commercial office. Here the mounting process is done through a frame. It can be configured in different places. Usually, surface mounted door closer is placed at the top of the door, and it works fine.

Adjust the door closer

  1. Firstly, climb the ladder carefully and examine the door closer. If it is tough to find out adjustment screws, there is a chance that the closer has a cover.
  2. Usually, the cover could be plastic or metal. If there is no sign of fastener, then it could be done by tension.
  3. If it is found that the oil is leaking from the body, you need to stop it right now. If it is okay, continue doing your work.
  4. Do you see the adjustment screws now? It will be marked on the closer body of the device. Otherwise, there will be a possible Diagram inside the selected cover. If you do not succeed here, it needs to experiment a lot.
  5. When you go for a tuning door closer adjustment screws, you need to be extra careful here. You can begin this process 1/8 out of turn. It needs to be adjusted in a clockwise manner. When you will speed it up to make it counterclockwise, follow the ladder and the after effect. The counterclockwise process is using for door closing.
  6. Now you need to open the door and observe the closing process. If it became successful right the very first time, you could check it 5to 10 times to become more successful. Please check out the ladder and door adjustment procedure.
  7. You can continue this process several times for your satisfaction. For a non-delayed door closer, the process will complete within 7 to 8 seconds.

Some Trouble-Shooting Procedures | How to adjust a door closer

  • For consistent performance, you need to close the door correctly. If the user is facing with a hinge problem, the door closer will have the limited ability to solve the problem.
  • If you think about a vestibule condition, it consists of a little space, an exterior door, and there is a usable interior door. In this condition, the trapped air could be the major factor for door closing. You need to put double afford here, and both door closers need to be worked correctly. In an emergency, the user must have to adjust negative or positive pressure situations. In this case, air pressure can play a vital role.
  • If you have found some abnormal conditions like the closer is not working correctly. It closes before the given timeframe or sometimes springs back badly when you are going to shut the door manually. It could be the case that the arm is not installed correctly on the shaft, which is annoying. In that case, you can take help from the door closer website and reinstall the closer carefully.

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Last few words

A user can easily place the door closed; it is not a very tough task. Search your local area and choose any reputed company for this job. I hope this article will help you to take a brief idea regarding “how to adjust a door closer?” and you can make a smart decision while doing this. If you face any problem regarding the door closer setup, please let us know by commenting and share your idea also. Have a great day!

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