How to Find Out Related Images for Your Work


The use of smartphones is increasing at a storming rate. Let us perform a comparison to gain more understanding of this point. Which devices did people use to access the internet five years back? The answer to this question is very simple. People simply used desktop and laptop machines as the concept of using smartphones was simply not there. However, this approach has changed completely.

Today, if you see the percentage of people using computers for internet access, the count is very small. Before we look at the method of carrying out a reverse image search from the Android phone, you need to know what reverse image is. To find out relevant images, you have to use the medium of search by image. It will allow you to get the best compatible image you needed for your site.

Find Out Related Images

Understanding Reverse Image Search?

The basic purpose of reverse image search is to determine the source of an image or to locate better versions of the same image. We can go through a proper example to attain clarity. Consider that you download an image but feel that the quality is not up to the mark. The best quality of an image can be attained from the actual source only. Hence, through the reverse image search option, you can find out about the actual source of the image. Along with that, you can also determine different websites where the same image has been used.

Reverse image search from the Android phone

It is not a complicated procedure to perform a reverse image search from the Android phone. You can accomplish this goal easily by using one of the following options

The first option requires you to have Google Chrome on your browser. If you do not have the Chrome browser, this option cannot work on your Android phone.  To start with, navigate and take the cursor to the image for which the reverse image has to be performed. After that, you need to hold on to the button after which a list of options would emerge on the screen. Select the option “search for Google”. Once you click that option, all the other links where the image has been used would appear.

Installing the image search app

There is an app for something present today and reverse searching an image is not an exception. If you want to use this option, you need to complete the following steps.

  • The first thing which you need to do is install the “image search app” for Android. This app is available easily on the Play Store.
  • You need to make some adjustments before the app is used for the first time. For instance, disabling the “Open settings before upload” would save time for you. Hence, before you start using the app, ensure that this option has been disabled. This app also gives you the option to select images from search engines apart from Google. To use this option, you need to select “custom search engine” option and click the “+” button to add images. A simple fact is that this option is not used commonly because Google provides users with the largest image repository.
  • The third step is sharing the desired image with “Android share” menu. This option does vary from one app to the other. For instance, some apps allow you to share the app immediately when you are viewing it. In other cases, you would have to download the app and then open it again in the image gallery. After that, you would be able to share it.
  • Once you have shared the image using the image search app, you would be notified each time when the image is uploaded on another website or shared on any other platform. Whenever you get an alert, you can check the latest platform on which the image has been uploaded.

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Using different applications on Android for reverse image search

There are various other apps which can be used for reverse image search purposes. One of them is Photo Sherlock. The best thing about this image is that it carries a very simple interface. You can either upload a photo from your phone repository or click one. After that, a quick reverse image can be performed for the desired image. The best thing about this app is the ease of use and quick results. At any point of time, you can click a snapshot and perform a reverse search right that minute.

Image App

Just like the app called Photo Sherlock, the “Image by search” is also an app with a similar purpose and layout. Through this app as well, you can click images for reverse search purposes as well as upload images from the smartphone repository. However, with this app, you can edit images before you proceed to the “upload” stage. Other than that, if you want to upload images from Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms, the image search app would allow you to do so.


A lot of people do not have enough awareness about reverse image search and the benefits which it offers. Through reverse image search, you can know about all the instances of an image which exist online. It does happen that you may have an image but the quality would not be up to the standard. In such cases, users want to determine the actual source of the downloaded image. This milestone can be accomplished by performing a reverse image search.

A number of methods can be used to achieve this milestone. Depending on the facilities that a user has in his Android smartphone, he can choose one of the available options. For instance, if you have the Chrome browser on your Android phone, you can use it to perform the reverse image search. Other than that, if you are not using the Chrome browser, you can use a variety of mobile apps that are available for reverse image search. One of the apps you can use is the Image Search App. This app allows you to perform a reverse image search through a set of simple steps. In a nutshell, you can know about all websites on which an image has been uploaded by performing a reverse image search.