How to Get Free Internet at Home without Paying in 2023

Ever wondered about getting the Internet for free? Well, finding the right resources to access the web is not difficult as there are numerous ways to get it for free in your home. If you are curious to know about how to get free internet at home without paying, then this article gives you the best ways to use the internet service for free. Internet Service Providers offer different plan options to get the suitable service as per their client’s requirements. Some ISPs provide low bandwidth plans while others provide a high-bandwidth plan. The pricing for each plan is different compared to other providers.

How Much Is the Average Internet Bill?

According to a recent study, an average user spends around $60 a month. The total cost for Internet service that a person spends in a year is somewhere around $1,000. Paying $50 a month to use the Internet can be difficult for low-income families. Low-income families cannot afford to spend $1,000 every year using web-based services through the Internet.

Not just low-income families, but average families should also think twice before spending $1,000 every year for the service. In some areas, there is no access to the Internet. The reports claim that over 100 million Americans don’t have access to Internet services i.e. in rural areas.

If you focus on getting free internet, you can end up saving a good amount for your family every year. If you use the Internet casually, you should not pay for regular Internet plans as there are ways to get free Internet services to cut down on monthly bills for Internet services. You can save up to $80 every month from the Internet service you use.

Using the Internet at your home for free or on the go is not that difficult. You can use the free Internet service legally. If you have doubts about whether such free services are legal, then you need not worry about it as the following listed ways to use the Internet for free for your home are all legal.[penci_review]

How to Get Free Internet at Home without Paying

How to Get Free Internet at Home without Paying

Now, free internet means you can access the web without paying anything. Yes, you can use the Internet and all its related services for free. You will not be asked to pay anything or buy a subscription plan for the service. One can easily set up a free internet plan in their home to use for multiple devices.

You can get free internet access by using free-to-use mobile applications which can get you access to free internet. Some non-profit organizations also provide free internet access to communities by partnering with other internet providers. Everything you need to know about how you can get free internet for your home is given here.

#1. FreedomPop for free internet

FreedomPop offers free internet service to casual users. If you use the internet frequently just to check emails or messages, then FreedomPop is the best option for you. It’s a mobile virtual network operator working with AT&T networks to provide internet access at reasonable rates. They also offer free internet access.

FreedomPop is based in California is one of the major Internet and Wireless service providers in the region. They have different plans to access their services as per your needs. The free voice and internet plan is also available at $0.00.

All you have to do is pay a nominal fee to buy an unlocked device or sim to use their internet and voice calls service for free. The company is currently offering 2GB of free data every month for new users. The data will be then reduced to 500 MB from the next month.

If you go with the GSM SIM then the free data will be reduced to 200 MB for a month. You can’t stream videos or use social networks with the free plan; however, 200 MB is enough for you just to check emails and see notifications while on the go. You need not buy an expensive plan for the same.

Besides this, there are some low-cost premium plans also available for those who need more MBs of data. The company also comes with ways to extend your plan and its bandwidth by simply participating. You can explore the special offers page to know about what offers you have to choose your plan, etc.

#2. WiFi Map

WiFi Map is a mobile-friendly app designed to give you a list of free WiFi spots on your Mobile Phone. If you are using an iOS or Android device and want to access the Internet while on the go, then WiFi Map is the right choice for you as this app allows you to search for active WiFi spots that are available for free.

The app provides you with a map and the WiFi spots with their passwords which you can use to access the Internet service on your devices for free. The app works on a global platform and is active in over 200 countries with 100 million free hotspots.

Using this app is pretty simple, all you have to do is just install it on a respective device and start searching for the active WiFi spots nearby your area. The app has two different versions, a free version, and a premium version. If you use the free version, you will get the list of active WiFi spots within a 2.5 mile of radius.

If the app finds you a free Wi-Fi spot nearby your home, you can use it unlimitedly for all of your devices. If the connection is quite stable, you can cancel your existing plan to use the internet for free.

#3. NetZero

NetZero is an ideal Internet service provider for those who have a landline connection in their home. The company offers two types of internet services for home-users, free and paid. The free internet service offered through their dial-up connection gives limited internet access at low speed.

On the other hand, the company’s paid plan gives you super fast internet service. Founded in 1998, NetZero offers free internet service to its users. The company offers free 10 hours of free internet every month to active subscribers of their landline connection.

The free plan offered by NetZero is recommended to those who use the Internet occasionally. If you are not a power Internet user, then the free plan offered by NetZero is the right option for you as it is free. You need not pay even a single extra penny to use their Internet service. The 10 hours of free internet access for a month comes with the company’s Free Dial-up connection plan.

The free plan of NetZero provides you with 200 MB of free data for a month. You can use the free internet service from NetZero only if you have an active broadband connection. If not, then you have to purchase a new NetZero Mobile Broadband connection which is a one-time purchase.

#4. WiFi Free Spot

WiFi Free Spot is yet another recommended way to get free internet access at your home. This platform helps you locate free WiFi spots near your area. If you are lucky enough, you will get a high-speed internet spot to use the internet for free.

WiFi Free Spot is nothing but a directory that lists out the free hotspots available nearby your area. The directories offered by Wifi Free Spot are for everyone. Organizations, institutions, students, and home-users can utilize the list to find out the best and working hotspots for their daily use.

The best part about this service is it gives you directions to use the WiFi service for free. When you locate the nearby Wi-Fi spot, you can click on that spot to bring the directions. You can reach out there and use the free internet service from that spot.

During the pandemic period, many big chains such as Starbucks, Mcdonalds, etc., were providing free internet access to all users through their Wi-Fi hotspots. The directory features all such Wi-Fi spots so that you can easily locate them and use their services.

#5. Lifeline

Seniors also deserve a better life in their final stage. When they are offered internet-based devices, they can spend a good time by watching things over the internet or using chat apps to chat and communicate with their friends, relatives, and loved ones.

Lifeline is a federal program aimed at seniors. Qualified senior citizens can enroll in this program to get free internet access. Seniors enrolled with the SNAP program or have Medicaid facilities should get this federal service for free.

This program offers free internet service with low bandwidth or for limited use only. However, if you want to avail of the high-speed plan, the same program offers discounts on the selected plan. Seniors can save up to $120 every year on the high-valued internet plan.

#6. Municipal Wireless Networks

Municipal Wireless Networks are established for municipalities to provide free public services to all the public. The Wireless Networks are meant to provide internet service to all the citizens of the cities for free. If we talk about the United States only, the country has set up over such Municipal Wireless Networks to 80 cities. Hundreds of cities around the globe have now their own Municipal Wireless Networks which provide free Internet services to all citizens.

If you live in one of the cities set up with Municipal Wireless Networks, then you can use the Internet services for free. You will not be asked to subscribe to any plans or buy their products.

#6. Juno

Juno was established in the 1990s as a free Email service provider. The company is still offering free email service with internet access to its users. The platform offers 10 hours of free internet access every month. If you have a phone-line connection of Juno, then you will get this 10 hours free internet service for absolutely free.

The phone-line connection service gives this service as a complimentary service for its home users. You can’t stream videos over the web or use the service as a power user; the free service lets you explore the web at reduced speed. You can check notifications and emails with this free service.

Moreover, the company also offers several other plans starting at $29.90 per month i.e. the dial-up connection plans for phone-line connection users. You can explore the available plans and can choose a suitable plan from the list. Their premium plans are reasonable, anyone can afford them if they need premium internet services.

#7. EveryoneOn Org is yet another government-funded program for low-income families and minority communities where internet services are not easily available. It’s a part of the Federal Communication Commission and is known as Connect to Compete.

The commission aimed to provide free internet services to low-income families, students, and other communities. Using this service in your area is quite easy. All you have to do is just go to their official website and search for your area by entering your pin code.

If the internet service by is available in your area, then you can proceed further to get access to the service for free. You have to follow the criteria set by the program before you proceed to use this service. If you are qualified for the service, then you will be provided with access to use the internet for free for your home.

#8. Local Internet Service Providers

Many internet service providers in your area provide free internet service plans along with their affordable plans. The free internet plans are not publicly announced by the providers as they are reserved for the needy only.

If you ask the internet service provider about the free plan, then the chances of getting one for your device are high. They might give you free access to use their internet service on your device. However, the free plan will not give you full access to their service.

Moreover, if you buy a bundle package from the Internet Service Provider, then you can ask them to give you a free internet plan for your single device. You can buy the bundle package which includes internet service, tv service, phone service, etc. There are Internet Service Providers who have their Wi-Fi hotspots located in different areas across the city. You can ask the ISP to give you access to use their Wi-Fi hotspots from the available locations for free.

You can also search for the free Internet Service Providers in your area on the web. The internet will give you a list of such service providers which provide free internet service for your home.

#8. Free Internet for Students

The government always encourages students to make use of the Internet to learn new things. For that reason, the government provides free internet service to schools and colleges. Students from schools and colleges should get free internet access for studying purposes.

The government works with organizations to set up free Wi-Fi hotspots and routers. Internet access will be provided to students within the premises. Some students get access to the internet service to use it in their home. The provided service comes with some limitations and site restrictions for unauthorized access.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I get the Internet for free at home?

Of course! You can get free internet for your home, office, or mobile device by searching for the service provider. Follow the above list and start searching for the internet service provider for free.

Are there any Federal Programs that can get free internet access?

There are many federal programs available for students that give free internet access. Some government programs offer additional discounts on the premium plans you purchase from Internet Service Providers.

What places can give your free Internet access?

There are many places available around you to get internet access for free. You can visit the nearby bookstore, restaurants, cafe houses, airports, gyms, libraries, and other public transportation places to get a free public Wi-Fi access. You have to use their networks with some additional security.

Can I use free Internet from Public Libraries?

Of course, you can! Public libraries are a great option to get free internet access. Most people forget to utilize this easily available resource. Just search for the public libraries nearby and connect your device with the library’s public Wi-Fi hotspot to access the Internet.

What are Xfinity Hotspots?

If you are an active customer of Comcast Xfinity, then you can use the free internet service from Xfinity’s HotSpots which are available across the country. Comcast Xfinity offers a bundle package for Internet, TV cable, and communication services. Xfinity Hotspots is yet another way of getting free Internet without paying anything.

Which is the most reliable way to get free Internet for my home devices?

If you use your mobile phone with an unlimited data plan from a trusted provider, then you can use the data of your mobile to run other Internet-based devices. Yes, just turn on the Wi-Fi hotspot from your mobile phone and connect your home devices to its network. You can start using the internet to other devices by connecting to the Hotspot of your mobile device.

Does the Federal Government offer Free Internet Service?

There is no dedicated federal program to get free internet for your home. However, governments in many states across the US work with private entities to provide internet services for free or at discounted rates. Currently, there is no federal program available for the public.

Can I get free internet through VPN?

VPN- Virtual Private Network is used to surf the web anonymously or change the region. You can’t get free internet through VPN; however, VPN can help access geo-restricted websites to fetch information about ISPs that provide free internet in your area.

What is InstaBridge?

InstaBridge is a Wi-Fi locator app for Android and iOS devices. The app crowdsources passwords of Wi-Fi networks available for you. You can select a suitable Wi-Fi hotspot nearby your house to use the free internet service.

Is Public Wi-Fi a safe choice?

No, it is not! Hackers try to steal your information by using public Wi-Fi networks only. Only use public Wi-Fi when there is no other option available for you. Make sure not to open any unwanted links or advertisements displayed on the websites while surfing the web on Public Wi-Fi.

 The Bottom Line

How to get free Internet at Home without Paying? – is answered here. Hope the above list helped you to know about the types of services available for you to get free internet access. The above-listed services are there for all types of users.

The federal department is also trying to establish new Wi-Fi hotspots across the country to provide free internet access to all citizens. Many cities across the US have already set up their Municipal Wi-Fi Networks. We will get to see more of such free-to-use internet resources in the coming years.