How To Get Treated For Sinusitis Without Surgery?


Sinusitis can bring brain fever or meningitis and various other complications like headaches, snoring or difficulty in breathing. Sinus is actually the air filled cavities on either side of the nose. When we catch a cold or have an allergy, sinus gets clogged with mucus and became inflamed or infected. Sinusitis can last up to 8 weeks in at least 4 times a year. It can usually hit at any age and troubles each gender equally.

Treated For Sinusitis Without Surgery
Treated For Sinusitis Without Surgery

Treated For Sinusitis Without Surgery

In Ayurveda, it is believed that intake of unbalanced food in untimely manner cause impairment of three doshas that are Kapha, Pitta, and Vata. Taking dry food, oily, spicy, fried, too cold and too hot food items contribute to the ill functioned bodily factors thus the body suffer from allergies, diseases and health issues.

In spite of the ayurvedic medicine for sinus congestion some home remedies also preferable. Certain nasal allergy treatments are also suitable in treating sinusitis even on an advanced stage. Herbs, strict diet plans and various nasal therapies are recommended when a person is not comfortable with medicines, tablets, and chorales.

A runny nose and stuffy nose is common when a person catches a cold and there is a genuine cause for it. Actually, the nose membrane gets agitated and swells up which results in excessive production of mucus in the sinus.  Thus, it becomes difficult to breathe. Ayurvedic medicines or home remedies are highly recommended when the problem persists, though the recovery is expected in 7 to 8 days.

Drinking lot of water helps to throw the harmful toxins out of the body. Water flavored with strong spices has been said to cure stuffed nose in few minutes. Steamed spicy flavors purify sinus and help in proper removal of the problem. Gargling with mint or salty warm water helps equally.

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Regular nasal clean up with water keeps your nostrils clear. This is the best idea to clean the mucus-producing tracts and flush out the elements responsible for the blockage. Even Ayurveda support Neti Pot which purifies and revitalize the breathing passages. Keeping the neti, a small container with a spout (shaped like a small teapot) on to one nostril and gently pouring the salt water into the nostrils is the procedure. You can use plain water too. Your head should be in a position so that the water runs out the other nostril. This helps in lubrication of the nasal passages and should be performed under supervision. Under experienced people must seek the advice of a proficient practitioner.

An unheard but the most effective way of curing sinusitis of roots is dripping cow ghee into the nostrils. Even the most severe sinusitis is said to be cured of roots. Two drops of pure cow ghee in the morning 30 minutes before the food is sovereign remedy not only for nasal disease but also for hair fall, migraine, headache, hearing problems, poor eyesight, and memory and concentration issues. Ayurveda describes it as Nasaya treatment and recommends to everyone because no side effects are reported yet.

Now have a look at some of the kitchen ingredients that can be added as home remedies in the list of sinusitis treatment.


Combined with ginger and prepared in tea, turmeric does wonders. Anti-inflammatory, as well as antioxidants properties of turmeric, helps loosen mucus, relax sinus pressure and make you feel free instantly. A cup daily can be helpful.

Hot Soup

Hot soup with several veggies and spices ease congestion instantly. There are a number of choices when we talk about soups and various mouth-watering flavors are present. So choose your favorite one and enjoy!


Water, fruit juice, soups, and herbal teas are the best sources to keep you hydrated. Hydrating the body helps to keep the mucous membrane moist. This helps them to work peacefully.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are the natural oil extracted from plants. Take a bowl of warm water. Add a few drops of essential oil to it and gently breathe with a towel over the head. Try to inhale the steam through the nose. It soothes the nostrils thus helps in reducing the pressure.

Cloth Compression

Dip a cloth in to warm water and wring it out. Lay the cloth on the bridge of the nose and cheeks. Let it stay for a while. Sense the warmth and let the pressure relief. Continue for 2-3 times a day.

Sleep and Relax

If nothing seems helpful, falling asleep comes to the rescue. Give your body the time and rest it needs to fight the infection. Sleeping goes the best to do the necessary repairs in any kind of disease. If you are working and can’t take a long off, try naps. They help equally.

Well, all these are the home remedies which can be done oneself but we recommend consulting an expert if the problem persists. Don’t be your own doctor, it can be harmful.