9 Health Benefits of Cloves You Should Know

Cloves go well beyond just providing flavor to numerous dishes. Its role in nutrition and healing is beyond compare. They are flower buds of the clove tree, have a spicy & pungent taste and, are a staple of kitchens across the world. It’s their anti-inflammatory and antidiabetic properties that make them magical in a true sense. More importantly, their potent medicinal qualities are used a lot as home remedies as well as clinical purposes.

Plus, cloves are packed with key compounds and minerals, including manganese, fiber, and vitamins C and K, that lend them the inherent medicinal properties. Researches have shown innumerable health benefits of cloves, both in the raw form and in the oil form as well. For ages, cloves have been used worldwide and it’s still considered helpful for treating a variety of health issues.

Here are 9 health benefits of cloves you should know –

health benefits of cloves
health benefits of cloves

1Good for fighting inflammation

The eugenol compound found in clove as a strong anti-inflammatory agent. The same compound also adds value to clove oil. So, you can rely on clove and consume it in any form to fight inflammation of the mouth and throat. More so, studies have also shown that regular use of clove can help reduce arthritis and joint pains over time. Since inflammation is the root cause of arthritis, you can take clove regularly to get relief and stay healthy.

2 Helpful in keeping diabetes under control

Diabetes strikes when the body loses its natural ability to balance sugar levels in the blood. You are then forced to rely on insulin to do the job and reduce the risks that diabetes can pose. Cloves, however, can help lower glucose levels and keep your diabetes under control. Its regular consumption can improve insulin secretion in the body and help keep in check glucose levels in the body. So, if you are a diabetic, start taking clove in any form and return back to being healthy all over again.

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3 Promote digestive health

A healthy body can’t be achieved unless your digestion is good. Poor digestion can lead to a variety of health concerns, including constipation. The fiber in clove is good for digestion while some compounds in it can also help reduce stomach ulcers. What’s more, you can rely on clove oil to increase the thickness of gastric mucus. All of this can help you stay on top of your digestive health and fight off constipation easily.

4 Boost your respiratory health

People have long been using clove oil to treat a variety of respiratory issues including asthma and bronchitis. The oil is also relied upon a lot to fight against the common cold and cough. The oil does have soothing effects on the respiratory tract and can help open the breathing passages to deliver relief. The anti-inflammatory effect of clove can best be experienced when you massage the oil on the chest or sinuses. You can chew on a clove to treat a sore throat.

5 Aid in Relieving Stress

Stress is bad. It can have debilitating effects on the body. Doctors advise us not to accumulate stress and rather look to engage in relaxing activities and exercises for help. Being easygoing can also help you stay stress-free. You can message with clove oil and get relief with stress. Though no study has been done on this subject, you can believe those people who have long been trusting clove to reduce stress on a daily basis.

6 Help in Enhancing Blood Circulation

All the systems and organs in the body work best when blood circulation is good. If it’s not, your body cells and tissues will never be able to get energy and nutrition as they are supposed to. Clove can help a lot in this regard as its antioxidant properties help enhance blood circulation. Its oil affects the body’s metabolism and keeps the body temperature reduced. When that happens, the circulation enhances over time.

7 Effective in Fighting Headache

People have forever been relying on the clove to fight a headache. You too can benefit from the pain-relieving and calming effects of clove. Just inhaling the smell of clove can help ease a headache. You can also message clove oil over your forehead and alleviate the pain quickly. Clove is very effective in fighting headache and if you trust home remedies, clove is surely a way to go. Take a few clove buds in a clean handkerchief and just inhale the smell.

8 Boost fertility

Cloves have traditionally been linked to boosting fertility yet no scientific evidence is there. But still, you can go with anecdotal evidence and use it on a regular basis to stay fertile. But yes, studies have proved that consuming clove can help boost testosterone levels. So, start peppering more of your dishes with cloves and also eat them in raw form to give your fertility levels a boost.

9 Improve Oral Health

You must have used oil to relieve tooth pain. People have been using cloves for tooth pain for centuries. Clove oil is also very effective in relieving toothache. Its antibacterial properties are very helpful for your dental health. Plus, clove can help keep your breath fresh. Its anti-bacterial properties are also utilized by top medical brands in the making of dental products.

If you want to know more about the usages of clove, consult a top dentist nearby and benefit from one of the most popular spices around.