How to Keep Your Cards Safe in Your Wallet?

Financial instruments such as credit and debit cards are advancing daily and must be kept safe and secure. In addition to keeping cards safe from bending and cracking, there are other newer concerns like fraud and forgeries.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) has paved the way for advanced features like contactless pay, chip scanning, etc. But, it has also come with some safety concerns, as misdoers always try to work their way around.

One can use specially designed card protector wallets of reliable brands to keep the cards safe in the wallet. Unique products like Secrid Original Cardprotector wallet can help you safeguard from Identity theft, fraud & more. Apart from its helpful features that help you protect your card, some more tips can come in handy.

Here are some practical tips and tricks that will make you aware of the risks involved with cards and methods to avoid them.

Cards Are Safer in Front Pocket

Usually, people put their wallets in their back pockets, but having them in the front pocket keeps those safe from thieves and keeps people aware. When you keep them in your back pocket, any stealing activity will not be in your sight. But things will be different when you keep it in your front pocket; you will be aware of any suspicious activity.

Keep Your Cards Close to Each Other

If you have multiple cards, you should put them stacked side by side. It is a helpful trick, as it confuses the unwanted scanners from getting information about a particular card. You can understand it; if you place multiple cards side by side, the scanner gets confused and can’t retrieve any helpful information.

Use a Top-Quality RFID Wallet

If you prefer cash wallets to store your cards, opting for anti-RFID scan wallets is best. These wallets use Faraday cage technology to block electromagnetic signals and prevent unwanted scans. Made from conductive substances, wallets such as Secrid Original Cardprotector wallet are specially designed to elude unwanted RFID scans. These models measure 4.2”x3.1”x.8” and come with attractively colored protective boxes. They also have a two to three years warranty which is a plus point in case any damage occurs during that warranty period.

Have an RFID Jamming Device in the Wallet

The sole purpose of RFID jammers is to counter RFID signals from other devices with their signals. Usually, they come in credit card size and perform best when placed next to a card in the wallet. However, always buy this device from a proven brand, as a genuine product will ensure optimum protection.

Make an Aluminum Guard by Yourself

If one cannot have a jammer, one can opt for some DIY methods to protect one’s card. The easiest method is to cover your card with aluminum foil, as it obstructs RFID signals. However, it has yet to be confirmed that it offers complete scan protection, but it is an affordable and effective solution. One can make an aluminum shield with the help of cardboard and aluminum foil for added protection.

Avoid Carrying Bulky Things in Your Pocket

Don’t put bulky and sharp things like key rings or lighter in your pocket, as they can damage your card. Also, they can harm the magnetic strip and radio frequency chip and obstruct smooth usage. Bending and breakage of the card are also possible due to the pressure of bulky objects in your pocket.


RFID technology is beneficial and handy, but because of some misdoers, it involves risks and requires extra attention. With the help of the tips mentioned above, folks can ensure optimum safety for the cards in their wallet. In short, your card protector wallet is a beneficial tool for combating unwanted RFID scan threats.

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