How to Select the Best Water Filter System for Your Family


Clean, safe and pure drinking water is rare to attain these days. Increase in world population, environmental harm, and industrial development have all led to this. And given the present situation today, it is essential to stay tuned with the water filtering and the purification processes that come with the multiple water purifiers.  It will ensure that the water we are drinking is safe and healthy.

Importance of Water Filters

It’s true that the minerals found in water in its natural state are beneficial for the human body. But when you drink an excessive amount of it, you can land up attracting multiple ailments. A decent and high-end water filter/purifier eliminates the extra salts, microbes, and suspended particles. Simultaneously, it helps to retain essential minerals and vitamins. Today, since the market is replete with so many brands manufacturing water purification and filter systems, it is difficult to decide on a brand that caters to every customer requirement. Even if you are low on budget, you can opt for water filter pitcher like zero water filter.

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Best Water Filter System

Best Water Filter System
Best Water Filter System

Water purifiers and filters both work on a similar mechanism. It first draws in raw water that is impure and filters out every impurity that includes everything from micro-organisms to sediments as well as dispensing clean water out. At the same time, some purifiers eliminate bacteria and virus which the filters are not being able to remove. Few purifiers make use of chemicals as well as an electrostatic charge for capturing and killing germs.

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Benefits of Water Filters

The advantages of filtering your water are many. It is a good practice that ensures good health and well-being. And right from the primary pitcher that filters water to an under-sink filter along with the whole house models, it is crucial for the customers to know the water filter features and benefits that they are paying for.

Have you decided to purchase a water filter is not aware of how to go about it? Discussed below are some of the pointers that you can refer to when you are buying a water filter system.

The Water Contaminants

When you are researching online, you need to know that various water filtration products might successfully filter out a specific set of pollutants. Hence, it is essential for people to first and foremost recognize the contaminants that are there in the water. It will help them to make sure that they are investing in a water filter that reduces or eliminates these impurities.

Are you thinking how to find out the contaminants present in your water? For that, you just need to opt-in for a water quality report from your service provider. Furthermore, there are “at-home” test tools that you can purchase from almost any home enhancement store. Alternatively, you can request for a private test from an independent company. When you know about the contaminants, you can zero down on the best water filter for your requirements.

The Water Filtration Technologies Available

Not every water filtration technique is as efficient and useful as others. For instance, a water softener makes use of ion exchange to minimize magnesium and calcium levels. It, however, does not eliminate the majority of other contaminants. There are mechanical filters that remove the cysts and several other sediments but are incapable of eliminating the chemical pollutants. It needs to get used in combination with different technologies. The advanced carbon filter systems are known for their efficiency. The ideal ones eliminate chlorine along with other contaminants like asbestos, mercury, and lead.

A Comparison of Water Filters

From the very basic to the new-age and household water filters, everything comes under the following categories:

  • The pitchers

Pitchers are the most fundamental water filtration techniques. It makes use of the gravity that moves water through the filters. It is one of the most natural filters and requires no elaborate setup. However, you need to refill the pitcher as you go on consuming water.

  • The under sink

The majority of under sink models filter out the water in a small, secondary faucet inside the kitchen sink instead of the primary faucet. Akin to the pitcher, such filters can treat water right when it is about to be consumed.

  • The Whole House

One of the most water filtration systems treats most or all the water that enters a residence right at the entry point. The moment the water enters the property of a homeowner from the municipal source, it gets filtered. Automatically, what flows is the treated water all through the house instead of a single faucet or sink.

  • The salt-free water softener

Along with the other water filtration systems available, the salt-free softener might seem like a viable choice to the homeowners who want to eliminate the scales from adding up all across the home appliances and plumbing pipes. Akin to the whole house filters, it gets installed right at the residence’s water line.

The Water Filter Expenses

The cost of under sink, whole-house filters and pitchers are bound to vary from one another. Based on the water filtration requirements, one might appear more suitable for you than the others. When you expect the ease of owning an advanced water filtration at your sink without having to worry about again filling your pitcher, the chances are that the under-sink filter option is going to be the best option. For majority of the high-end and good performing water filtration systems, a whole house filter comes across as a smart choice. This filter system makes sure that water from each of the taps gets filtered. And this, in turn, makes sure that all your family members can consume filtered and clean drinking water inside the bathrooms, kitchen and all across the appliances.

Identification of the contaminants and your own water filter needs is what will determine the water filter type you require. So, take time to research on these two aspects and then reach out to a service provider. And if you are slightly unsure about the process, you can refer to the points discussed above and make the most of it, as you are all set to purchase a water filter.