Instagram for Web Traffic and SEO: Strategies that You Need to Know

Instagram has more than 1 billion users from every corner of the world along with a circle of influencers that belong to both the young as well as the older generations. Undoubtedly, Instagram is now ruling the world of social media networks and it will continue to do so for the next few years. Most of the brand managers and entrepreneurs spend a huge amount of time as well as attention on social media. Instagram is considered to be a unique platform because it does not have a web-hosted version.

Instagram for Web Traffic and SEO

You need to understand that the primary route of building the search rank as well as the web traffic with the help of Instagram is extremely important. Consider these strategies so that you can gain more followers and establish yourself in the business community.

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Networking with Major Players

This is one of the best strategies that the businesses should follow not only for Instagram but for other social media platforms as well. You have to understand that influencers are known to have a huge following and they are also observed as the leading authority in a particular space. For instance, you may come across a top athlete in your city or a spectacular food critic.

It is your responsibility to identify all these influencers, and then you have to engage with them whenever possible. With time, the relationship with the influencers will become so strong that even they will start mentioning you in their posts. Automatically their followers will start following you. You can get real Instagram followers for increasing the credibility of your business account.

Running Contests

For the brands, nothing is capable of attracting more attention as compared to the Instagram contests. A number of contest options are available, which include, the “like post” contests where your followers have to like a particular image for winning the prize that you are giving. You can also host the hashtag related contest, which is going to be equally interesting as well. And use the best strategy from simplygram to increase your followers.

Whenever you are starting your contest, you have to think thoroughly regarding the structure of the contest. You also have to be sure about the prize as well as the rules of the contest, so that it is capable of generating a significant buzz. If your contest is successful, it will be shared and you will also get a number of new followers, eventually.

Using the Hashtags Appropriately

The world of marketing is completely divided when the businesses start using hashtags. Hashtags are not only common but they are also the best way of exposing your business to a new set of audience. However, you need to understand all the implications that are associated with all the hashtags that you might have chosen.

If you conduct a preliminary research on the hashtags, you will be freed from headaches in an event where you are choosing something with double meanings or something that you are not capable of understanding completely.


If you keep these three strategies in a proper place, you will not face any problem in taking the Instagram account to a place, where you are capable of influencing a number of followers. It will take a little time but as soon as you gain a particular influence level, you will start getting the other benefits of these strategies as well.