Keep Your Home Bed Bug Free with These 6 Tips


Bed bugs can become a big problem in any household, and the most common telltale signs are the small bites you’ll find in your skin each morning. While these bites don’t pose a danger to adults, they can create potential health problems for infants and young children. However, if you follow these tips, you can eliminate any bed bug infestation and prevent these unwanted guests from returning.

how to get rid of bed bugs fast

Clean Your Home

If there’s a great deal of clutter accumulating in your bedrooms, the first step is to reduce it. Bed bugs love rooms with plenty of confusion because it gives them someplace good to hide. If possible, eliminate the mess by hanging up clothes, recycling unwanted newspapers and magazines, and putting other items away neatly.

Do the Laundry

This is also an excellent time to wash your bedding, which is something you should regularly do at least once per month. Also, wash your drapes, towels, and other fabrics. Anything that can be laundered should be run through the washer and dryer at least once every 30 days to protect against infestations.

Keep Your Bed Bugs to Yourself

You don’t want your house guests to have to call bed bug pest control, because your pests hitched a ride to their home. The best way to avoid this embarrassing situation is to keep guests away from affected areas and keep fabrics exposed to bed bugs away from guests. It would be straightforward for a bed bug clinging to a towel to slip into the sock of a guest and take a ride back to their home. Once there, they may be the cause of an entirely new infestation.

Vacuum Your Carpets

Vacuuming once a week can also help keep the bed bug population under control. While you probably won’t get them all, you will be able to remove a large portion of the community. Just be sure to empty the vacuum outdoors when you’re done.

Turn Up the Heat

Bed bugs prefer a cold climate, which is why infestations are more common in the fall and winter. Once the temperature gets above 45 degrees, they will begin dying off. If you’re going to use heat as a weapon, be sure the coldest corners of the room are at least 45 degrees, or the bed bugs may find cooler places to hide.

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Call a Professional

Even after you have taken these steps, you will probably still need to call a professional pest control service. They will be able to treat your home with sprays that are specifically intended to kill bed bugs and their eggs. Regular treatment is an investment that can help you make your home inhospitable to bed bugs and other common pests.

Many people try to get rid of bed bugs by replacing all their bedding and draperies, believing the pests will go out with the old fabrics. Unfortunately, the bed bugs will likely hide and end up infesting those new purchases. The best way to make bed bugs feel unwelcome is by keeping a clean home and requesting regular pest control services. This will help you keep your home free of pests, so you’ll feel confident that your family and your guests won’t be exposed.