Lehenga Saree: A Perfect Mixture of Comfort and Style


You have worn the lehenga and you have worn the saree at multiple occasions, looking every bit the glamorous woman that you are. But then, you can’t be seen sporting the same fashion style at every social event. You want to stick to the traditional theme but also want fusion reflected through your attire.

Lehenga Saree

Lehenga Saree
Lehenga Saree

That is where the Lehenga Saree or the Ghaghara Saree comes to your rescue. It is the perfect amalgamation of the comfort synonymous with a lehenga while giving you the grace and sensuality that a saree bestows on a woman. Lehenga saree is a seamless combination of two traditional and ethnic dressing styles that have taken the evolving fashion sense and the need for comfort while looking ravishing, in its stride.

You get to adhere to the conventional while sporting a chic look at the same time. It is a classic that has been reinvented to suit the modern day lifestyle.

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# The look

There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that wearing a lehenga saree will make heads turn as you portray the perfect picture of style coupled with grace. The outfit is trendy yet lends you the conventional majestic look. The likes on your Instagram when you hashtag your pictures in it will be a testimony to this fact!

# Respite from draping woes

You don’t need to burst into buckets of tears wearing this one as it doesn’t need the intricate draping that a saree requires, to get those picture perfect pleats. The cut and the stitching on this one is such that it gives you the perfect look without much effort. Pleats in a lehenga saree are pre-stitched onto the lehenga and so you get the perfect fall every time you wear it.

You can wear it with ease just like you wear a lehenga and the only thing that you need to adjust is the pallu. The chances of any fashion faux pas happening in this one are also negligible; unlike a saree which when not draped well makes you look clumsy. The lehenga saree we can say is quite forgiving.

Draping the lehenga saree, in fact, is quite easy unlike a saree draping of which does feel like rocket science at times. You simply need to wear the blouse and the skirt with no hassle of tucking in a regular saree in a petticoat and then wondering if the petticoat is too tight or too loose or whether the saree is tucked in too much into the petticoat. The next step involves tucking in the plain end of the pallu into the skirt and then folding the pallu into pleats or just pinning it without them to let it hang loose.

# You can break into a jig easily in this one

Every woman at some point in her life has tripped on the pleats that a saree has or has made that sudden dash to the powder room to adjust the pleats which choose the most inopportune time to come loose. The lehenga saree is your BFF when it comes to shaking a leg during wedding festivities. There is no risk of the pleats coming loose or the six-yard garment deciding to have a mind of its own when you take over the dance floor. It is perfect for young women who are yet to get proficient in carrying a saree with élan.

# The fashion circuit is exploding with a variety on this one

You can choose from as many styles and fabrics as you can in a saree or a lehenga. Right from velvet to Banarsi and organza to crepe, depending on what is trending that season and what takes your fancy. You can even go in for a combination of two fabrics in your lehenga saree to give you the perfect silhouette.

# You can pick your pleating style

  • The A-line cut– This one makes you look leaner as it sits beautifully on your waist while flaring out at the bottom. You can have this one pleated with saree style narrower pleats.
  • The flared lehenga look– Leaning more towards the lehenga look, this one has wider pleats that fan out gorgeously at the bottom.
  • The mermaid look– Clinging to the waist and fitting snugly till the thighs, the mermaid look is for those having a perfect booty size.
  • The retro look– this one has double layers of flares added to it which adds volume to the skirt

# Accessorize it well

Depending on the kind of work that you have on your lehenga saree, you can pick the jewelry to go along with it. Polki and Kundan go well with a velvet lehenga saree and add to its grandeur and elegance to complete the royal look. Matt finish gold jewelry brings out the beauty of your Banarsi silk lehenga saree to give you traditional look.