Living the Good Life: How to Be a Free Spirit

Anxiety affects nearly 20% of Americans. Perhaps being a free spirit is one way of avoiding this.

Do you want to live “the good life” by being a free spirit? Read this article to learn how to be a free spirit and all that means.

How to Be a Free Spirit?


Being a free spirit is not a simple choice. It involves some decisions about the way you want to live your life together with some personal development. Learning to be a free spirit can involve hard work, discipline, and tough choices.

Action Orientation

Free spirits are action orientated. They have things to do and what to get on with it.

If you want to be action-orientated you can boost your energy by healthy eating, exercise, and good quality sleep. There’s nothing more likely to induce laziness, low energy and a stay at home attitude than poor nutrition, poor physical fitness, and tiredness.


The Buddhist concept of attachment as the source of misery in the world is one that appeals to people with a free spirit. Attachment to places, possessions and even people can result in a need to cling to these things believing that you need them. For free-spirited people, real wisdom is to let these things go.

Practice mindful meditation and read some Buddhist teaching.

In Touch With Yourself

Being able to understand your own thoughts and feelings frees you from being at their mercy. You are no longer governed by emotional highs and lows or unexplained drives and aversions. Knowing yourself better helps you to be in control and free to explore new experiences and new relationships.

Have counseling or see a psychotherapist. Learn about emotional intelligence and practice self-exploration.

Love Yourself

Many people find it difficult to love themselves. Guilt, regrets, and self-doubt can stand in the way of self-love. A free spirit is at peace and happy to be good to themselves.

Give yourself some self-care. Treat yourself to a massage and some ‘me” time.

Believe in Yourself

Being a free spirit is partly about confidence. Taking on adventures and stepping out of the safety of familiar places and habits takes self-belief. Free spirits believe that they will be OK in the end whatever life throws at them.

Gradually increase your comfort zone and prove to yourself that you can cope with new and strange things. Face your fears and do it anyway. Have a go at abseiling, public speaking, and expressive dancing.

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Day Dream

Free spirits are able to imagine themselves doing new and different things. They can picture themselves in new situations. They dream of adventure and then make the dreams a reality.

Make creative play part of your life. Spend time simply daydreaming about your next adventure.

Do It Now

Spontaneity is a characteristic of free-spirited people. Don’t wait for the right time to learn how to be a free spirit. Do it now.

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