Most Common Piano or Keyboard Lesson Myths Debunked


Is your child all set to take beginner piano lessons? Are you worried about the age of your child? There are a number of myths associated with playing the piano and keyboard. These need to be debunked in order to help aspirants to learn music whenever they wish to. Here are some of the most common myths about learning piano and keyboard debunked:

Myth One – “Piano or Keyboard should be started by 11 otherwise, it’s Too Late.”

This myth is attached to several instruments. People believe that you can learn music instruments only up to a certain age. There are many talented musicians who have come up as living proof that this is nothing less than a myth. Many haven’t taken keyboard or piano classes until they were 12 or even 14. Practice and consistent playing of the instrument is the best way to achieve mastery over the expertise.

Another most important thing is to take keyboard classes from a teacher who keeps the child encouraged and challenged. A good teacher can help students learn even if they are 15 years of age an above. In short, age doesn’t matter. It is all about one’s passion for music and desire to learn. It is never too late to start learning music.

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Myth Two – “Keyboard or Piano Classes are Boring!”

Well, initially, learning a new instrument can be challenging due to the basics and getting used to the aesthetics of the instrument. It is up to a teacher to make these classes as interesting as possible. They can make it a fun journey to kids. Each instructor is different and has a different approach to accomplishing the task. Hence, it is crucial to find someone who is a perfect fit for your child and learning style. Make sure the expert is a professional and understands your child’s goal.

Additionally, there are certain things each one of us needs to learn when starting off with a new musical instrument. Children are no exception. For instance, scales and theory need to be learned thoroughly regardless of how boring it is. The teacher can make these interesting by fitting into favorite songs of your child. It is all about working out with the instructor to discover some creative and practical methods to incorporate this into classes.

Myth Three – “You need Time to Take Piano Lessons.”

This is not the case today. The reason is the availability of a huge number of options for students. Teachers give home lessons to kids which are even customized as per the level of skill, age, an interest of the child. Timings of lesson times are quite flexible. Many teachers also offer late evening lessons through Skype.

You need Time to Take Piano Lessons
You need Time to Take Piano Lessons

If you are looking for a mobile instructor for your child, there are many who offer this option. This will help your child learn music from the comfort of his own home.

Myth Four – “Playing by Ear will Hinder Progress in Learning Piano.”

There are a number of stories associated with playing by ear doing rounds. Students are often suggested not to use their “musical ear”. Most students feel as if they need to choose to be either an “ear/chord chart player” or a “note reader”. After all, you have to remain again about the piano vs keyboard for beginners topic.

Students must work on developing both skill sets. Music teachers believe in incorporating ear training exercises for their students apart from the note reading. The process is helpful in developing creative versatile among kids. They will surely grow as dedicated and well-balanced musicians who can easily adapt to any situation.

The capability to hear what a specific piece of music should sound like will prove very valuable in rectifying errors while practicing. All in all, playing by ear will not hamper your child’s progress in learning keyboard or piano. In actual fact, it will help in the progress.

Myth Five – “You can’t Start Piano Lessons because You don’t Own a Piano.”

This is not true. There’s absolutely no need to have a piano to be able to start learning. You can get your hands on varied types of affordable keyboards for the purpose. This is good for beginners. Children can learn better on keyboard initially. Starting out using a keyboard will let him try piano later on.

Used keyboards are easily available online at amazing deals. You may even buy new ones. The idea is to focus on getting started than what to get started on.

Summing Up

Even if you don’t want to become a professional musician, taking beginner piano lessons can add great enjoyment to your life. If you’ve let piano lesson myths keep you from starting lessons in the past, maybe it’s time to try it out! Happy playing!