Most Essential Teaching Apps in Smartphones

The scenario of education is no more a watertight compartment of traditionalistic approach because modern technology did accelerate the usage of gadgets and related Apps within modern education. Now, teachers consider teaching Apps as similar to that of teaching manuals/handbooks because the same is that much helpful and user-friendly while handling classes. Let us go through the most essential Apps supportive for the teachers who make use of smartphones as tools or teaching aids within their classrooms.

1. TeacherKit

Before dealing with classroom management, instructors are expected to have prior knowledge on the topic. Within this scenario, instructors make use of lesson plans, teacher manuals, and handbooks. In the modern context, Web-Based Apps like TeacherKit can help instructors to deal with classroom instruction with ease. For instance, the valuable data stored in the App can be used to prepare and plan effective instruction within classroom environs.

One can see that the individual instructor’s caliber to deal with the students, i.e., the effective implementation of the plans related to classroom management can be easily boosted up with the help of the aforementioned App. Still, this App’s usability is limited within K12 to higher levels of education. Nowadays, specialists within education, those who prepare curriculum and syllabus provide importance to higher education. So, this App can be most beneficial for the teachers who deal with higher education.

2. iTunes U

Preparing lesson plans is one among the most important tasks to be undertaken by a teacher because a lesson plan acts as a blueprint for a class. Within this scenario, the aforementioned teacher friendly app named as iTunes Uis equipped to provide the teacher community with innovative information to create lessons on their own. To be specific, instructors can make use this app as a tool to enhance learning experiences within classrooms.

They can depend upon this App to collect assignments from students, tabulate, review, and provide students with feedback. For instance, a Math teacher can make use of this App as a tool similar to that of teaching aid. If the teacher decided to conduct a group discussion based on a lesson, monitor it, and provide students with feedback, this App is most suitable.

3. Evernote

Here is another App named as Evernote, primarily designed for those who deal with tasks like note taking, preparing ‘to do’ lists, and saving data for future use. One can see that this App is most helpful to teachers because the aforementioned tasks are interconnected with teaching and preparation for the same. Teachers can use this mobile App to create notes from any format of information, whether a scanned page or a handwritten page. Besides, it is possible to attach data in the form of attachments with the note. This is a free App, but with monthly limits. If interested, users can buy an unlimited version according to their usage.

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4. Google Search App

Internet connectivity, in limited or unlimited form, can help one to explore the ocean of knowledge. For a teacher with some limitations related to time management, it will be difficult to sign with a google account and conduct search. The mobile App named as Google Search App can be most helpful for a teacher to convert a smartphone into a Google search tool with ease. To be specific, this app’s usability is beyond that of a traditional web browser.

For instance, it is empowered with voice and image search. If you use your voice to conduct web search with the help of the App, you can have related information. If you have an image with you and you don’t have further information on the same, you can make use of this image to conduct a web search and collect information on the same.

5. Blackboard Mobile Learn

This App is beyond the functionality of a traditional classroom because it is designed to perform as a virtual classroom beyond classroom environ. This App can be easily downloaded and used in almost all smartphones and similar gadgets. To be specific, a teacher can make use of this App as a virtual reality platform by allowing students to communicate. If an announcement to the class is to be done, the teacher can make an announcement in this App in the form of news. Besides, group discussions can be conducted by making use of this App.

Students can easily ask questions and teachers can answer the same. After conducting exams, teachers can publish the grades, and students can know their grades. Another positive aspect of this App is that it is equipped with a tracking system. To be specific, students can track the current status of the assignments and projects submitted by them. So, I consider this App as most useful for teachers and students to interact with each other.

6. Grade Book

Teachers face difficulty while preparing grades, tracking the progress of their students, and preparing remedial teaching for their students. In a class consisting of a large number of students, a teacher cannot provide individual attention to the needy. Within this context, teachers can depend upon the mobile App named as Grade Book. To be specific, this App can at as a Spreadsheet to tabulate and track the grades assigned to students. There are two different versions for this interesting and useful App, one is for free and another is paid.

A free version is with some limitations, but the paid version is with unlimited advantages. Everything related to the academic performance of the students can be graded and stored in this App. The most important benefit is that data can be retrieved and edited, similar to that of the tasks done in a Spreadsheet.

There are thousands of Apps to provide the teachers with enhanced teaching experience. Still, an App suitable for a teacher may not be interesting effective for another teacher because teachers follow different instructional strategies due to the individual difference and their approach towards their profession. Still, the aforementioned Apps can act the role of a basic platform for those who consider teaching as a serious task, not as a mechanical activity by forcing students to learn directly from the teacher.


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