The Best Competitor Analysis Tools for Websites

You browse on Google to find out how your business is performing, and there it is again: your competitor’s name. It crops up quite a lot. How are they doing it? What can you learn from their efforts?

Well, for a start, they are probably investing money in SEO. Because last year, the SEO market hit a massive $40 billion. But if you want to know what they spend their money on, continue reading. We’ll explain the importance of competitor analysis tools and share some top software options in the market. 


Ahrefs is primarily an SEO tool. It’s a great way to see how your competitors perform on a Google search results page and how you can mimic some of their most successful SEO strategies

Take backlinks, for example. In Ahrefs, you can see the backlinks helping you rank for specific keywords. But more importantly, you can see the backlinks that are helping your competitor to rank. You can use that information to get guest posts and backlinks from the best-performing sites for your keywords. 


Buzzsumo is an excellent way to find out what articles and posts get the most shares online. It will tell you what’s trending and inspire you to create similar content that might get the same traction. 

You can use this to find out more about your competitors’ content. You can search to discover their most popular articles and use that insight to shape your business content strategy


Ubersuggest is a valuable tool for increasing blog traffic and discovering the best keywords for your niche. The owner is one of the leading SEO gurus, Neil Patel. The tool will help you with SEO competitor analysis by understanding your niche’s fierce competition.

When you find a relevant keyword with high competition, the tool will suggest alternatives and provide information on how hard they are to rank. You can also use this tool to work on your local business ranking


SEMRush is one of the market-leading SEO tools. It offers extensive information to help you rank your site on Google, including website traffic analysis and insightful competitor data.

You can use SEMRush to find out what keywords your competitors are targeting. That will give you an insight into the content they produce to get those keyword rankings. And you can use that information to start thinking about creating premium content to rank higher.


Brand24 uses social listening technology. That is where software monitors the internet for specific keywords and uses that data to create a picture of what topics people discuss online. 

That is handy when you want to see what your competitors are doing with their SEO and social media activity.

You can monitor your competitor’s brand. Suppose they have some content that’s trending. In which case, you can use that information as part of your SEO or social media strategy.

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The Best Competitor Analysis Tools for Websites

Don’t sit back and worry about your competition. Use one of the market-leading competitor analysis tools to get ahead of other businesses and help your business reach that top spot on Google.

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