Top 3 Anime Websites With The Best Recommendations


Amidst the situation of COVID-19, most individuals are working from home and do not go out for health reasons. We have few movie releases as the day goes by, and the entertainment industry is on a downfall. But when it comes to anime release, this situation has not been a problem. There are a lot of choices for new anime releases.

Suppose you are in need of the best anime site. Here is a list of the best anime sites that you should visit.

Top 3 Anime Websites

Top 3 Anime Websites With The Best Recommendations

Websites With The Best Recommendations

Before we go through the list of best anime sites, you need to pick an anime that best suits you. If you have no idea what anime you want to watch in the first place, some online platforms can help you pick the best anime for you. These are the most go-to websites when you want to find new or old anime series.

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MyAnimeList is the website for you if you are still uncertain about what anime to watch. This website is dedicated to getting introduced to new releases or nostalgic anime series of the past. You can find almost every anime on this website, together with a review, ranking, and schedule of the date of its upcoming releases.

If you are looking for the best anime that most people recommend, you should look up in the review section to see what they think about the anime. But if you want to be cautious in choosing your next anime to watch, you can check out the anime’s rankings and check on how popular the anime series is.

Some additional information can also be inquired on their website, like cast members, the number of episodes, and the anime trailer. The best feature it offers is tracking down the upcoming anime and when it will start.


Amino is the first on our list. Amino is a unique anime platform that allows anime enthusiasts to discuss their favorite anime. This website is well known for anime lovers and k-pop lovers. Amino focuses on promoting a community where people can interact through their platform. Every individual that uses their website can post content, blogs, and polls.

One of the best things you can do when you use Amino is to create your profile the way you desire. If you like to meet other people uniquely, this is the website for you.

Chasing Anime

This anime website has a massive difference between the two anime websites that we have discussed. This website talks about tons of articles about different kinds of anime. You can find content topics that discuss the weapons or genre of a specific anime. You can also find an article on the best anime based on their weapon, genre, or certain similarities.

These anime websites allow anime enthusiasts to venture further into the story of the anime title or introduce them to a new kind of anime.


Anime has been part of our childhood; even adults still watch anime for relaxation or escape real life and enjoy a nostalgic feeling while watching anime. Hence, the importance of choosing the right anime that is in link with your current vibe for you to have an unforgettable experience.

These lists of websites will surely help you choose the best anime for you. This website is not just about what is the best anime there is on the internet. You can also interchange your thoughts with other anime enthusiasts and might be a chance to gain more friends. Anime indeed is one of the best ways to escape, enjoy, and even meet new friends.