Top Reasons Why You Should Travel To Iceland with Kids

Iceland is a beautiful country and there’s no denying that. Natural beauty, lovely people and a lot of adventure- that’s what you can expect from an Icelandic vacation. As a continent, Europe has a lot of fantastic travel destinations: France, Spain, England, Belgium, Germany, Croatia and the list can go on and on. The proliferation of choices has pushed Iceland to the back of this list but wrongly so.

Travel To Iceland with Kids

Yes, Iceland is extremely cold. Yes, Iceland is shrouded in darkness for a big chunk of the year. But when graced by the sun’s rays, very few places on earth can compare to the splendor of Iceland.

Travel To Iceland with Kids
Travel To Iceland with Kids

Iceland Northern Lights Tour with family is the best. The sub-zero temperatures bring the family together, quite literally so.

It may be hard to believe but Iceland is one of the best places to travel with your kids in entire Europe. Sure, there’s no Disneyland in Iceland but there’s a whole ton of adventure and natural wonders for your kids to marvel at and enjoy. The experience is one that they will not forget in their entire lifetime.

To further validate this point, here are the top reasons why you should travel to Iceland with kids:

1 A number of Attractions in Iceland are Free for Children Aged Under 12.

While getting to Iceland is a little expensive, enjoying the country is slightly more affordable. There are a number of public attractions that allow kids aged under 12 to enter for free. Even if it’s not free, kids still enjoy highly discounted entrance tickets. Examples of places that follow this rule are The National Museum of Iceland, Perlan, Botanical Gardens etc.

2 Iceland is a Very Safe Country

Nordic people are known to be extremely warm-hearted people. And one visit to Iceland or any such Nordic country will erase all your doubt if any. Iceland is constantly ranked amongst one of the most peaceful and happiest countries on the planet. While the regular small atrocities are still present in the country, violence is nearly unheard of. The murder rate in Iceland is less than 1 person/year.

3 Lots of Amazing Activities to Choose From

Travel To Iceland
Travel To Iceland

Honestly, there’s a lot to do in Iceland. A lot of fun stuff especially, the geothermal pools that are scattered across the country define ‘lazy pools’.  All kids aged above 2 years old are allowed to enter these pools. Even if your kid doesn’t know how to swim, you can ask for floats and they will be provided to you. Just swim in these pools and let all the tension and stress soak out of your body.

If lazing around isn’t your cup of tea, fear not for there’s a lot more to Iceland than just its geothermal pools. You can go whale watching, glacier walking, dog sledding, snorkeling or even volcano hiking. Just pick your poison and let adrenaline take over. Each and every single one of these activities is extremely thrilling and hard-to-forget. Iceland is a country where kids can fall in love with nature and all that’s beautiful about the earth.

4 Conveniently located between Europe and the USA.

A popular misconception about Iceland is with regard to its location. Most people think that it’s too far off inaccessibly located in the middle of nowhere. But that notion is incorrect. Iceland is conveniently located between Europe and USA. Why does one say conveniently? The flights aren’t long. The flights aren’t all that expensive anymore. It’s close for Europeans and Americans. Honestly, it’s not that hard to get there anymore. The short-flight hours make it easier for parents to get there without their kids throwing some major tantrums along the way.

5 Iceland is a kid-friendly Country.

Yep, it’s true. If ever did a kid-friendly country exist, then Iceland it is. In one of the points above, it’s already mentioned that kids get free entry to some public attractions. But that’s not all that they get for free. Some super-markets give kids free fruits. Similarly, some restaurants don’t just have kid-menus, they offer kids free food. That’s a lot of saving for the family.

Let’s get away from the economic benefits for a while. The country is filled with local parks where one can take kids to play. Skyr, better known as Icelandic yogurt, is something that your kid will want to take back home.

By now hopefully, you have a better idea of what you can expect from a holiday in Iceland. It’s not that barren, volcanic country anymore now, is it?

Another reason why Iceland is a great place to travel with your kids is that of the wildlife that it has to offer. Most kids love animals and in Iceland, they will get to see some animals which they cannot see elsewhere in the world. Whale & puffin watching are great activities. And of course, horse riding. Who doesn’t like horse riding?

Step out of your comfort zone and head to Iceland. Travelling is all about learning and gaining unique experiences. The experiences that you and your family can gain in Iceland will be hard to replicate elsewhere. Hence, stop thinking. Just do it!

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