Top Reasons Your AC May Have Bad Airflow


Air conditioners are great for cooling down the house on warm days. A good AC maintains a cool temperature throughout the home to keep you feeling less stuffy and humid. Air conditioners can even improve the household air quality to help you breathe easy.

However, over the years, air conditioners can experience technical difficulties. If you notice your AC has inadequate airflow, one of the best first steps is to get an estimate from an air conditioning installation company. This way, the company can help you understand why your air conditioner is malfunctioning and how much the services may cost.

There are a few common reasons why the AC may not be working as well as it used to, as listed below.

Reasons Your AC May Have Bad Airflow

1. Air Filters Need Cleaning

As you use your air conditioner, you may notice you have to turn it to a higher setting to feel the same cooling effect. When the AC system is running, the filters capture and trap anything that is flowing through the air. This can include dirt, dust, lint, and allergens.

Over time, these pieces of debris clog the filters and hinder the air conditioner’s capacity to function correctly. This occurs every couple of months with repeated usage. Especially in the summer months, there are significant amounts of dust in the air that get stuck in the AC’s filters.

These filters are essential in maintaining good air quality throughout the house and allowing the air conditioner to run correctly. So, it is crucial to keep them clear. You can choose to have the filters cleaned or simply replace the filters at least once every three months.

2. Blower Fan Issues

The components of the AC that pump air through the vents and evaporator coils into the ductwork to produce the cool air effects are called blower fans. Blower fans are essential in keeping the airflow strong and cold.

Blower fans may have issues when the fans lose power or the fan blade snaps. You may hear unusual sounds coming from the AC and notice the flow is weak. Other common causes of blower fan malfunctions are broken capacitors, damaged belts, or motor flaws. In this case, it is best for you to seek help from a professional air conditioning company for repairs.

3. Ductwork is Leaking

If the causes above are not the problem, your ductwork could be leaking, creating low airflow. This issue makes it difficult for the AC to push out cold air and limits the air conditioner’s ability to lower temperatures.

Typical reasons ductwork may leak are damaged ducts, incorrect installation, and corrosion. Using an air conditioning installation company to investigate your ductwork can help you identify this problem, fix the ducts, or replace the ductwork.

Weak airflow can severely impact AC’s potential to cool down a hot home and keep you comfortable and cool. With proper air conditioner maintenance and repairs, you can avoid these issues or resolve them.