Ulysse Nardin Announces The Freak Diavolo

Development of the notorious Freak – a distinct advantage in Haute horology – the Freak Diavolo emulates its archetype’s example, exhibiting unparalleled headways in innovation, materials, and plan.

The Freak Diavolo

Ulysse Nardin Announces The Freak DiavoloUlysse Nardin, the Swiss watchmaker acclaimed for its great many “firsts” in watchmaking, starts to lead the pack in creativity, by and by with the new Freak Diavolo, a movement of the pivotal 2020 Freak.

Due to the ultramodern, moderate, and eccentric plan of the Freak’s tourbillon carrousel – one that had no evident dial, crown, or hands – and being the main watch to effectively introduce escapement wheels developed of silicium, a progressive material at that point, the Freak always changed the course of Haute horology. Presently, similar to its kin – the Freak DIAMonSIL®, Freak Diamond Heart, and Freak Blue Phantom – the Freak Diavolo honors the first Freak’s spearheading soul by extending its utilization of silicium and taking its tourbillon higher than ever.

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Named after its fiendish in-appearance power-hold backing, with its red “horns” and dark shroud-like scenery, the Freak Diavolo is the cleverest of watch manifestations. For example, silicium is utilized in its hairspring (Si 1.1.1. patent forthcoming) and all through most of its escapement – the heart and most fragile piece of the watch. Through the presentation of silicium in the first Freak, Ulysse Nardin changed Haute horology assembling and keeps on culminating the utilization of this mechanically progressed material with the Freak Diavolo.

Execution is additionally intensified through its use of bleeding-edge innovation, for example, photolithography. What’s more, the Freak Diavolo uncovers another advancement in the Freak family – a flying tourbillon that demonstrates the seconds, just as two new metal roller frameworks and an equilibrium wheel idea and plan.

Its tourbillon carrousel (grew altogether in-house) does one complete pivot around the middle in an hour. The Freak Diavolo’s frequency of 4 Hz (28’800 A/h) in relationship with its 8 mg*cm2 idleness balance wheel makes this instrument uncommon, as no other tourbillon is directed by such an incredible oscillator and advantages from such a long force hold (over eight days). This empowers the Freak Diavolo’s tourbillon carrousel to give a better degree of precision associated than a mechanical chronometer.

Its remarkable exhibition is the consequence of the ideal use of new advancements, for example, photolithography, and the utilization of the best and most recently created materials, as silicium and LIGA nickel, at center areas. Ulysse Nardin’s skill in watchmaking is additionally exemplified by the Freak Diavolo’s second marker, which isn’t anything else than a flying tourbillon supplanting the standard oscillator of different individuals from the Freak family.

Its pen is outfitted with a bolt showing the seconds on a straightforward half-hover, pivoting in one moment on itself, with the zero position holding consistent on the hub of the moment marker. The two extraordinarily considered metal roller frameworks empower the “flying” capacity of the moment development and of the second-marker tourbillon without the requirement for a supporting extension.

The immediate rigging joins created between the three “hands” deflects dephasing, or the tossing of hours, minutes, and seconds conflicted while changing or correcting time. Not just splendid in work, the Freak Diavolo is likewise shocking in tasteful with its perfect lines, vigorous dark and charcoal tones, accents of energetic shading, 18-karat, white gold case, and exquisite crocodile lash.

The Freak Diavolo is a definitive image of a faithful creative mind and unordinary style, remaining consistent with the imaginative character that characterizes the Freak watch assortment.

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