6 Ways an Allergy Doctor Can Help You in Stamford, CT

Allergies rank sixth in chronic illnesses in the U.S., with over 50 million people experiencing some allergy every year. Treating allergies cost about $18 billion, with over 30,000 visits to the emergency room each year. Such big numbers call for a massive demand for allergists. Are you wondering what an allergy doctor Stamford CT, can do for you? These are the top six ways an allergist can help you.

Ways an Allergy Doctor Can Help You in Stamford, CT

Testing for Allergies

When you have frequent and unexplained irritation in the mouth and throat, ear infection, or sinus irritations, you will need to visit an allergist to test for allergies. The standard tests they will run to confirm your allergy are blood tests, patch exams, skin evaluations, pulmonary function checks, and nasal smears. Tests involve using a small amount of allergen to check for an immune response. Once the results are back, they will recommend treatment.

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Over-The-Counter Medicines Don’t Work Anymore

Allergies in the initial stages can be treated with over-the-counter drugs, but they need intense intervention as they advance. Rather than using the internet to look for appropriate medication, it is better to consult an allergy doctor in Stamford, CT, to get the proper medication regime. Medication can be oral, injections, or topical.

Educate You on Preventive Measures

Food allergies are the most common form of allergy, followed by skin irritations. About 32 million people suffer from peanuts, soy, eggs, dairy, fish, nuts, and shellfish. Once your tests are done, the allergist will give you details of what allergy you suffer from and its trigger. If it is a food allergy, you will be advised not to consume that item. In case of skin allergies, you will be required to stay away from the sun and dust. A doctor specializing in allergy will educate you on what you can and can not do to avoid triggering allergic reactions and also guide you on the various lifestyle changes that you can make to improve your health. 

Prescribe Immunotherapy

Allergies can diminish or disappear over time with regular immunotherapy shots. They act as anti-inflammatory agents to the allergen. The doses gradually increase over time so that the immune system becomes less sensitive to the allergen. The antibodies are blocked earlier, causing the allergic reaction, becoming unblocked, and encountering the allergy symptoms. Your doctor will study your case and prescribe treatment according to your needs.

Prescribe Emergency Medicines

Allergy attacks can be triggered without notice, no matter how careful you are. Allergy attacks can cause wheezing, coughing, or tightness in the chest, and even a slight delay can result in a visit to the ER. Therefore, an allergy doctor will also prescribe emergency shots to provide immediate relief from an oncoming attack.

Improve the Quality of Your Life

Allergic reactions can hamper your lifestyle and not allow you to live a full life. By visiting an allergist, you can get on a medical regime that can improve the quality of your life and will enable you to do things that you could not earlier. For example, asthma patients can have their inhalers around to curb an oncoming attack immediately.

Allergies can be caused by just about anything. Food and skin allergies are the most common, and they can result in you having to live a diminished life. Visiting an allergy doctor in Stamford, CT, can help you overcome your allergies and live life to the fullest.