Why On Earth Do We Need Technology Consultants?

Consultant. The very word can send shivers down the spine of any business strategist that has ever been told to tone down their ideas, think outside of the box, cut down their workforce, or close down a branch.

Do We Need Technology Consultants?

Why on Earth Do We Need Technology Consultants

Consultants have a bad reputation in the news, which focuses on incidents in which they seemingly drain funds freely whilst doing nothing to further an organizational strategy. Technology consultants have borne quite a bit of flack in this regard. 

They are, on the large part, misunderstood. A good consultancy firm can completely reenergize a business. Technology is inseparable from business strategy in our networked society, but it isn’t everybody’s strong suit. 

Here are some key facts about technology consultants that might just make you reassess what you thought about them:

You Can Focus Your Attention Elsewhere

The defining characteristic of the business technology strategy is this: it is labor-intensive. Developing a technology strategy is probably not what you envisaged when you saw yourself in your role. Technology consultants fill a very real niche – they take care of tech strategy so that you can focus on other areas of your business. 

Think of them as a helping hand – easing some of the immense pressure that can build up when trying to start up or adapt a company in the swift-moving business environment of the digital age. The careful distribution of responsibilities is absolutely key when at the helm of an organization. Consultants ease this process. 

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Networks Take Careful Planning

Networks are everywhere. More and more, companies are required to have completely integrated networks: between customers and staff, management and support, and between modular sections of the organization. Developing an adaptable and robust network within your organization is a complex strategic task that will invariably involve a deep rehaul of IT capability. 

Technology consultants are used to creating network strategy solutions and can help you negotiate this minefield with very little hassle – if they know what they are doing.

Often, it will be possible to centralize your IT support alongside your IT consultancy. Companies like Kortek Solutions offer IT consultancy alongside 24/7 support packages. The advantage of using the same group for both planning and implementation is that you can guarantee that your support network will be familiar with your strategy. 

Safety is Key!

Any organization with customers or clients must put security and safety as a priority. This is a big deal. British Airways was recently fined a staggering £20,000,000 for a customer data breach. Every year a new story comes out detailing the woes of a company that has damaged its reputation or severely dented its profits after its IT systems were compromised.

Customers quite rightly expect their data to be kept secure, but IT security is an ever-evolving field. Consultants can help plan a strategy that takes change into account. It might seem like it would be easy, but cybersecurity threats are myriad. IT consultancies are able to develop relationships between your organization and cybersecurity experts.