Why Your Business Need Perfect Balance of Organic Marketing & Paid Advertising


A product of service needs effective marketing to reach targeted customers as per expectation. Marketing is an age-old practice that requires creativity to attract potential buyers. A decade ago, print media had a monopolistic approach to all marketing sources and direct marketing was not in trend. Now digitalization promotes empowerment in direct marketing with the help of internet connectivity. Rather than door to door selling, now companies can directly reach the customer’s PC and Smartphone.

Organic Marketing
Organic Marketing

There are countless strategies to reach potential customers through digital marketing methods. Some of them are organic whereas some are paid. Both of them are essential for a business to survive in this competitive environment. Scroll down and take a look at the information regarding these marketing techniques.

What is Organic Marketing?

Organic marketing is the most ethical way to promote the business on the World Wide Web. It ensures the long-term success of a business on the internet with a set of carefully chosen strategies. Building email lists, SEO improvement, SMM and user interface improvements, all this comes in the category of organic digital marketing. I monetary terms, organic marketing strategies don’t require money, but they consume a lot of effort and time. Thus, you cannot consider them as free of cost. Only expert digital marketing professionals know that which kind of organic marketing strategy suits best according to your business. The customer base generated by this strategy is more reliable than the paid advertising.

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What is Paid Advertising?

As the name is illustrating, the paid marketing or advertising is a strategy to boost up the reachability of business by paying a certain amount of money. This is for the short term but the very effective method to divert maximum traffic towards your website. Paid advertising requires continuous investment in various strategies like PPC, social media ads, native ads, and inbox ads. In return to these advertisements, the relevant service providers charge a specific amount of money.

The Significance of Organic and Paid Marketing

If you are running an online business, both organic and inorganic marketing strategies are essential for an effective approach. Organic marketing is significant for long-term stability in results, whereas paid advertising is meant for the short term. For a new business, it is very important to gain adequate recognition in the market in a short time period. The competition is very tough and your organic strategies are slow to compete solely. Therefore, investment in paid sources is a logical decision. Not only for new businesses but if the sale graph of an already running business is declining despite the right organic strategies, the only way of quick revival is paid marketing.

While talking about organic marketing, keep one thing in mind that its outcome is slow but steady. You cannot entirely depend on paid sources of digital advertising because it is an expensive option and has a short lifespan. Through paid advertising, you can divert enough traffic forcefully towards your website. However, most of the visitors are completely unknown to your product or service. The expectation of conversion rate in organic marketing is much higher than paid one. Internet users can be diverted to your website but cannot be forced to buy.

Most Effective Organic Marketing Strategies

   1. Search Engine Optimisation

You cannot imagine any further of promotional activities if SEO Services, Professional Web Development Services, Seo Agency coordination is imperfect. Search engine optimization consists of a vast amount of strategies that are implementable according to a business’s requirement. The key elements of SEO services include keyword search, Meta description, content optimization and backlinking.

   2. Social Media Marketing

The term social media marketing means increasing the footprints of your online business on social media platforms. With the help of engaging text content, multimedia posts, live interaction and contests on a business profile page, you can increase the organic traffic towards your website. Not only Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, but blog posting sites and forums can also be utilized for this purpose.

Most Effective Paid Marketing Strategies

  1. Search Engine Marketing

While talking about the most effective strategies coming underpaid marketing criteria, search engine marketing comes at the topmost position. It means to pay the search engine for bringing your website at the topmost position without SEO. While finding a product or service on a search engine, you type some relevant words. If you are a subscriber of search engine marketing services, your website will appear in the top-most position.

   2. PPC

Pay per Click aka PPC is among the most popular models of paid marketing in which advertisers have to pay for every single click. Advertisements are published on various sites regarding your business. When someone clicks on that advertisement link and reach your portal, a specific amount deduction occurs. In short, you can consider it as a way of buying visitors rather than earning. Currently, most of the small level businesses are investing in pay per click campaigning because of its effectiveness and affordability.

   3. Social Media Advertisement

Social media has a great influence on the World Wide Web because every typical internet user has a social media profile. It was once a platform of social interaction, but now worldwide businessmen utilizing for targeting potential customers. It can cast off in both ways, i.e. paid or organic. In paid marketing practices, you have to pay for boosting a post or the entire business page in a specific location. The business ads appearing along with news feeds on your wall are examples of social media advertising on Facebook.

From the above information, it is clear that both paid and organic marketing strategies are essential for a business to expand. The right strategy at the right time is the only trick to gain more impressions. The primary objective of every strategy is to divert more traffic for achieving a higher conversion rate.

From the above information, it is clear that both paid and organic marketing strategies are essential for a business to expand. The right strategy at the right time is the only trick to gain more impressions. The primary objective of every strategy is to divert more traffic for achieving a higher conversion rate. As a proficient digital marketing agency, One Stop Media Marketing Group is currently leading in providing both paid and organic marketing services.