World’s Greatest Places to Get Inspire and Help Reconnect with Yourself


If you’re one of those people who live an extremely busy life, having almost no time just for themselves, you’re definitely in the right place! Here are five world’s greatest destinations that will inspire you, allow you to relax, and help you reconnect with yourself, so keep on reading and check them out. We’re sure that you’ll find at least one that perfectly corresponds to your needs and personal preferences!

Greatest Places to Get Inspire
Greatest Places to Get Inspire

Thailand: Find Your Inner Peace Through Meditation

If you’re into meditation and all the health benefits it brings, Thailand should definitely be your number one choice for reconnecting with yourself. Apart from its breathtaking nature and the most stunning views you can wake up to, there are also numerous meditation and yoga retreats where you can take your practice to a whole new level. No matter if you’re already experienced at meditation and yoga, or you’re just a beginner at these practices, you’ll undoubtedly find a retreat that perfectly corresponds to your fitness level and personal preferences.


One of the best retreats is located on the beautiful island of Koh Yao Noi, so be sure to check it out if you enjoy spending time in forests, hills, and stunning scenery. Besides that, bear in mind that such a retreat is against killing living creatures – including mosquitoes – so don’t forget to bring a good mosquito repellent and a lot of loose-fitting clothing.

Iceland: Experience Aurora Borealis first-hand

On the other hand, if you aren’t really a fan of too hot and humid weather and sandy beaches, you should probably give Iceland a try. This place features one of the most unique sceneries in the world, with gorgeous landscapes and wildlife that are beyond fascinating. Needless to say, you’ll get a chance to experience Aurora Borealis (the Northern Lights) first-hand, which will undoubtedly leave you thinking about the beauty of nature and life in general.

At least that was the case with a large number of people who have already seen it! The first thing you should bear in mind that the Northern Lights are visible for eight months a year – from early September to the end of April. If you visit Iceland in this period, you’re highly likely to see some Aurora activity, as it basically depends on your luck, solar activity, and the weather. Such a sight will certainly inspire you and fill you with positive energy. One thing is certain – you won’t leave this place disappointed!

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Bali: Find Your Balance and Clarity of Mind

Similarly to Thailand, Bali is another destination that can offer you so much in terms of spiritual retreat, which is why you should add it to your must-visit list as soon as possible. Of course, there are a lot of programs you can go for in order to find your balance and clarity of mind while managing your stress and enhancing your vitality at the same time. There is also a large number of workshops, meditation and life coaching classes, and spa treatments you can go for, depending on your personal needs and preferences.

Find your balance and clarity of mind

However, if you prefer going there and spending quality time on your own, you should definitely choose Bali accommodation in a private beachfront villa, where you can forget about the real world and reconnect with yourself once again. No matter which option you go for, we’re sure that you won’t make a mistake simply because this is a truly magical piece of heaven you’ll absolutely enjoy exploring!

Tanzania: Go For an Amazing Yoga Retreat

Speaking of fabulous yoga retreats, we must mention Tanzania and Zanzibar, the semi-autonomous part of Tanzania in East Africa. This trip is an absolute must if you’ve always dreamed of the Indian Ocean’s waves waking you up at morning and putting you to sleep at night, which is a truly authentic experience you shouldn’t skip under any circumstances. Apart from practicing yoga and meditation, you’ll also get a chance to eat the fresh locally-grown products from this part of the world, as well as to taste delicious fish caught by the local fishermen.

Do we even have to mention a variety of classes, workshops, and trips that will inspire you and help you reconnect with your spiritual self? Besides that, you’ll also make new friends that share the same interests and make heartfelt connections that are likely to last a lifetime. So, if this is exactly what you’re looking for, just put Tanzania at the top of your must-visit list and you won’t regret it!

California: Practice Silent Meditation at Its Finest

Last but certainly not least, California is another fantastic destination you should pick if you need to get inspired and find your inner peace as soon as possible. Your journey should start in the north of San Francisco, in a eucalyptus-wooded valley which leads to the Pacific Ocean. What makes this valley so special is the fact that it’s home to a few meditation centers and an organic garden where you can learn about beekeeping and different kinds of edible plants. However, what makes this place even more exciting is zazen – a silent type of meditation which is a huge hit in this part of the world these days.

Practice silent meditation at its finest

Unlike many meditation practices, zazen has a goal to investigate what’s true at this moment and open up to our inherent reflective nature, instead of just attaching to a particular serene state. Apart from organized meditation sessions, there is also a variety of educational seminars and calming tea ceremonies that will help you find yourself and get inspired. If that’s what you need right now, California is the right destination for you!

As you can see, there are a lot of fantastic places all across the world that can help you reconnect with yourself and find your inspiration and motivation to move forward. Thailand, Iceland, Bali, Tanzania, and California have found their place on our list for a good reason, so be sure that you won’t make a mistake whichever you pick. Just do it according to your own wishes, needs, and preferences and you’ll see that good things will start coming your way!