Writing a Business Letter? Use these Writing Tools


Business letters should be more than perfect all the time, definitely without any grammatical or sentence construction errors. Writing impressive letters does not happen in a day but it needs practice and also using some essential tools. There are a lot of times when people forget to follow the general guidelines while writing to business correspondences.

Business Letter

How to Write a Proper Business Letter

So here are a few tips on how to write correct business letters:

  1. It should be of only one page – A business letter is never too long, it is to the point and the maximum length should be one page. People who manage business do not have excess time to read lengthy letters
  2. It should be lucid – A business letter should be easily understandable to the readers. You can use business-oriented language but do not use unusual bombastic words which are not easily understandable.
  3. Maintain a formal tone – Business letters are in active voice, always factual and have a formal tone. In business letters, there is no place for venting out or justifying emotions and feelings. Do not use phrases like ‘we believe’, ‘we feel’, ‘we think’, ‘it would be so nice’ etc. It’s good to keep a formal approach and use proper terms.
  4. Plan your letter carefully – Spend a few minutes before writing so that you can frame the entire matter before writing. Make sure you have included all the details in the letter in a concise manner. The style of writing should be direct and clear; the flow of writing should follow a logical flow, it’s important to understand the main subject, elaborate it and finally, you frame a logical conclusion.

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Using Writing Tools to Enhance

A business thrives on efficiency and a lot of focus; similarly, it’s important to write precise business letters. It is very important to know the style and way of writing business letters but writing correctly is of no less importance. Using online writing tools plays a major role but people generally do not wish to subscribe, download or install, therefore look for the best free checking tools. The first tool that you need to write is a personalized letter-head.

The way you present the letter would prove your abilities. Writing a grammatically wrong letter or not being able to construct sentences is a turn-off. After you finish writing, run a check manually first but you cannot rely entirely on a manual check. You might not be correct while checking the document or might lack time to read and edit. There is a solution because you have the best tools in the market.

To ensure you have framed your sentences properly, use the ‘SentenceCheckup’ software. This software is a free sentence checker with advanced functionalities; it can check fragments of sentences, correct the spellings and punctuation, improve the style of your writing and also check the grammatical errors. There is another advanced tool for grammar and punctuation named ‘GrammarLookup’ which you can use while writing business letters.

While framing a similar document, there are many challenges like not being able to write English fluently, framing customized letters, creating complex business plans, writing multi-page documents etc. To offer all types of assistance, there are other renowned tools that can help you to write a business letter flawlessly are WhiteSmoke, Grammarly, Docstoc, Enloop, Email Excellence, WordStream, NinjaEssays, Paper Rater, Scrivener, and Dragon Dictation. In order to bring 100% accuracy in your writing, it is best to use these reliable online tools.


It is very important to know the best tips for writing a well-structured business letter and using the best tools for checking. Timeliness and accuracy are two very important stuff. This kind of documents has a direct impact on businesses and financial matters. There are different tools available in the market, some a free and some you need to subscribe. SentenceCheckup is free and works like many other advanced tools.

Improper sentences can alter the meaning of your letter even after you have written keeping everything in mind. Complex sentences are also very uneasy to read and you might fail to deliver the message. This tool also helps to check the entire grammar, so no separate tool for grammar and sentence check. Research well to decide which tools you require while writing.