3 Things You Should Know About Oregon Solar

Are you looking to live a more sustainable life? Right now, solar power is one of the most booming industries for renewable energy. In Salem, solar energy contributes to sustainable economic and environmental development. Are you thinking about incorporating solar energy panels into your lifestyle? Propel yourself to the future of clean energy with Oregon Solar.

Read on to learn more about Oregon Solar and how they can be an excellent fit for you.

1. How Oregon Solar Benefits the Environment

You have about 5 billion years left before the sun runs out of fuel. While the sun will definitely outlive you, the earth as it is may not.

Shooting for the stars and optimizing the one central to our solar system is a solid effort against climate change. Solar power is renewable, inexhaustible, and non-polluting.

Studies show that renewable energy powered almost 30% of global electricity in 2020. Experts suggest that these numbers will only grow in the coming years. Overseas countries take the lead in employing sustainable energy.

However, you can make the switch right in your home. Solar Oregon companies put Oregon at the forefront of green energy, so look for a solar installer in your area!

2. How Oregon Solar Benefits You

Switching to solar energy benefits not only the environment but also your wallet. For starters, your electricity bill will shrink. While you’ll still abide by state laws, having a trusted contractor install a solar energy line saves you money in the long run.

Governments also work towards incentivizing this shift. Oregon solar incentives give residents rebates for installing solar panels. This means helping the environment and making yourself eligible for credit on your state taxes.

Check out your state laws and programs so you can participate and get returns per watt! Save on thousands on your electric bill. It certainly does pay to care.

3. What Makes Oregon Solar Different

What makes Oregon Solar different is what makes Oregon different. Oregon boasts a rich and colorful culture. Oregon has a lot to be proud of, from the wild west to the whimsical leprechaun colony to even housing the world’s largest organism.

Oregon Solar focuses on quality befitting the community. Equip your home with panels made in the USA with care and the most advanced technologies. Have access to warranties and the best quality at unbeatable prices.

By sticking to solar, you gain access to incentives and rebates as a bonus. Amp up your home with locally-made advancements as you promote smart and green living.

Partner up With Oregon Solar on the Super Highway of Green Energy

Make the switch to clean energy with an industry you can trust. Oregon Solar is not only an investment in your electricity bill but also in your future. By shifting towards renewable energy, you reduce your carbon footprint.

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