JEE Main 2019: 6 Alternatives If You Expect A Disappointing Score

Joint Entrance Examination or JEE Main is an important examination that is a qualifying criterion for availing admission to engineering courses in top IITs, NITs, and GFITs in India. However, it is also one of the toughest examinations, cracking which needs immense perseverance and die-hard attitude. Candidates since years have found JEE Main a bit tough the preceding year.

Disappointing Score
Disappointing Score

While some students were disappointed with the lengthy paper, others thought the paper was too lengthy for completion. Few students also pointed out that the difficulty level of the examination was too high. However, if you too belong to those who found the examination tough and are disappointed by the score, do not worry. Unable to crack JEE Main 2019 is not the end, the sky is the limit for those who have the zeal for success. So, without getting disheartened, here’s presenting you 6 alternative choices you can opt for instead of JEE. Check out below:

#1. Wait for the Results

If your performance in the entrance examination was not satisfactory then do not be disappointed. Wait for the results. Even if you are unable to gain a seat in the Indian Institute of Technology (s) (IITs), then you can opt for other reputed colleges too. Apart from IITs, there are many other reputed institutions across the country who admit candidates on the basis of JEE scores.

For example – Institutes like the Indian Institute of Science (IISC) and all the National Institute of Technology (NITs) accept students based on the score of JEE Mains and Advanced. The crux is not the institute if you have the zest, you can climb the stairs of success passing through any institution. Keep your spirits high and fly higher.

#2. Opt for other Entrance Examinations

JEE Main and Advanced are an important criterion for availing admission to top engineering colleges. Yet they are not the ultimate. There are many top-listed private institutes that are competent in availing your admission to the engineering degree. Many of these colleges conduct their own entrance examination which is much easier in comparison to JEE. The institutes are not only good but the entrance examination is easier too. Some of the exams are BITs, VIT, SRM and much more. These colleges also provide good placement opportunities.

#3. State Entrance Examinations

Different states conduct their own state entrance examinations. These exams aid in rendering admission to reputed colleges across different states. So, if you are disappointed by JEE scores, ensure you also give the different state entrance examinations to book a seat in your target universities.

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#4. Choose a Different Course

If you are a science student, engineering is not the only option open for you. It is necessary to understand your skills, IQ and know your aptitude. Try to understand what you are inclined to. If you have an inclination towards any other fields and choose whether the course fits your career and life goals well. You can opt for any other course such as Microbiology, Psychology and much more. Prepare for the entrance exam, prepare yourself well to crack the exam.

#5. Go Abroad

Broaden your horizon and try for looking abroad. A perfect SAT score will get you scholarships and avail admission in top reputed colleges in abroad. However, do good research about the institution and courses in your target country. If you have good finance as an option then opt for admission to abroad.

#6. Take a Break and Re-appear for the Exam Next Year

Failure is stepping stone to success. If you are confident of your knowledge and want to crack JEE Main, then take a break and prepare well for the exam next year. Drop the exam this year and take it the following year. However, before taking a break to consider the following points:

  • The exam patterns change every year, thus taking a drop in between might prove vain as you will have to prepare again from the start.
  • Your drop-out marks will stay with you and may hinder your career goals in the future.

Unable to crack the JEE Mains is not a big deal. A little more effort and a lot of spirits can help you climb the stairs of success. Research the options, try in other institutions and rise to the pedestal of success.

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