7 Things to Check When Moving to Arizona

Are you thinking of relocating to the US? So, every state has its particularities, and Arizona is not an exception to this saying. Are you thinking should I move to Arizona? Then you must first check certain things. Here are seven points worth considering before moving to the Grand Canyon State:

1. Check the Weather

Some believe that summer is the only time it’s hot in Arizona. But this doesn’t mean you will get cold winters. So, you must check the weather forecast for at least three months before moving so that you are prepared for the weather.

2. Taxes

Arizona has one of the lowest state income taxes in the US; however, they have higher property taxes than the average US state. The median property tax in Arizona is $1,356.00 per year for a home worth the median value of $187,700.00. 

3. Transportation Systems

Are you thinking should I move to Arizona? Then do not worry about transportation.The public transportation system is well-developed, including bus and rail systems that go to every corner of the city. 

  • Light rail: Valley Metro Rail opened its first line on December 27, 2008, which runs for 20 miles between Mesa and Phoenix. The system is expected to expand into other areas of the metropolitan area over time.
  • Buses: Every city in Arizona has its bus service, which runs throughout the weekdays.

4. Schooling System

The literacy rate in Arizona is 93.8 percent. This high literacy rate helps make the education system one of the finest in the US, with several colleges around the city. The standard of education is of top quality, and the majority of the schools have affiliations with colleges all over the nation.

Things to Check When Moving to Arizona

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5. Employment Opportunities

Phoenix has a thriving employment opportunity that attracts thousands of people from different places to settle here. The economy of Arizona is mainly associated with four sectors being:

  • Tourism: In Arizona, tourism is rising due to its picturesque landscape that attracts travelers worldwide. It’s one of the top destinations for winter sports and sunbathing throughout summer.
  • Military bases: There are several military bases in Arizona due to its proximity to the Mexican border. The presence of these facilities helps to boost the city’s economy.
  • High-tech industry: Arizona is also known for its high-tech industries, including semiconductor manufacturing, telecommunications, data centers, and aerospace technology. 
  • Proximity to Mexico: Arizona has a long border with Mexico that helps improve its tourism industry by attracting Mexican citizens interested in shopping and visiting historical sites.

6. Housing Market

Phoenix, Arizona, is ranked among the top five best-performing housing markets because of its strong economy, which has shown steady growth. The home price in Arizona is around $330,344 (for the 4th quarter of 2017), which is up by 13.4 percent compared to last year’s numbers.

7. Lifestyle

Arizona has a good lifestyle that can be seen through its beautiful weather and lovely landscape. It also provides several opportunities to the citizens through different avenues such as tourism, technology, trade, and many others. It’s undoubtedly the place to be for everyone who is looking for a lavish lifestyle.

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