A Guide To Help Your Cross Country Move Go As Smoothly As Possible


Moving across the country can be stressful. There are many variables to consider as you prepare for moving day. To help assist you through the process, here are some cross country moving tips that will allow you to make a smooth transition.

Cross Country Move

Ask For Help

Moving cross country is very difficult if you have a large family. However, they should also provide you with some assistance as you start packing. Make sure that your family is aware of the proper way to pack a moving box. If you have school-age children, they should be able to pack up their items.

Prepare Your Travel Arrangements

Do not procrastinate when it’s time to make your travel arrangements. Research and schedule all of your travel details at least two months in advance. Having all of your tickets and reservations are taken care of in advance will help the moving process run smoothly.

Purchase Insurance

Before you hire a company, analyze your valuation coverage options. Keep in mind that basic protection plans will only cover the minimum. You may have to purchase full coverage, which would hold the company accountable for the cash value of your items. Look into purchasing insurance from a third party company.

Look At The Customer Reviews And Ratings

Before you hire a professional mover, look at their customer reviews and ratings. Check with a national moving company directory to find out information about the mover’s US DOT number, fleet size, and whether they have registered with the American Moving & Storage Association.

Get Multiple Quotes

Make sure that you receive an estimate from multiple companies before making a hiring decision. Each moving company may offer special services and prices compared to its competitors.

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Make Sure That The Company Is Licensed

Moving scams are becoming popular in today’s climate. However, an easy way to figure out if something is wrong is through checking to see if the mover is insured or licensed. The best moving companies are always able to provide documentation if someone asks.

Less Is More

Remember that the cost of your move is primarily based on the weight of your items. The more items that you move, the more expensive your move is going to be. You can save money by donating some of your items to places like the Salvation Army. You can also sell items through the online marketplace.

Take Note Of Your Items

As you start to pack all of your items, take pictures of everything so that you’ll have a record of how the items looked at the start of the move. If something becomes damaged while in the mover’s possession, you’ll have documented proof that the mover should be held responsible. That should allow you to file a claim for your items.

Separate The Essentials

Since you are undergoing a cross country move, separate your essential items and put them in a special bag. Some of your essentials may include clothing, toiletries, snacks, and shoes. To stay up to date on the status of your items, make sure that you ask the mover for their contact information; this allows you to track your items until they arrive.