Mac Hacks: 9 Most Useful Productivity Apps for Mac

Did you know that the average person in the United States spends about 6 hours a day with digital media? Although this includes phones as well, we can assume that a large portion of that time is spent on a computer.

Productivity Apps for Mac

Productivity Apps for Mac

People spend more time than ever in front of a screen. And because modern technology offers so much in one place, it can be difficult to stay productive. That’s why it’s important to stock up on plenty of productivity apps for Mac! Yes, you’ll still have the distractions of browsing the web and chatting with friends. But installing a few of these apps on your computer can make all the difference in terms of your focus and efficiency. Keep reading to learn about a few of the top productivity apps on the market today!

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1. Things

One of the best Apple productivity apps in the app store, Things is the perfect agenda building machine. It’s a personal task manager that gives you all the tools you need to get organized and achieve your goals.

With Things, you’ll be able to create in-depth to-do lists including tags, checklists, deadlines, and timeframes. But don’t worry, the tools don’t create clutter – they’re all out of the way until you need them! You can even drag and drop tasks to consolidate calendar events.

2. MindNode

If you’re a right-brained, creative individual, MindNode might be the perfect app for you. MindNode allows you to create a mind map as you brainstorm, helping you to organize your thoughts and connect ideas. MindNode comes with a variety of useful tools that you can use to customize the app to your specific needs, or you can simply use it as a hub for your thoughts when you just need to brain dump.

3. Timely

It’s easy to tell ourselves that we’ve been productive all day – but we’re rarely being honest. With Timely, you’ll have a real, unbiased look at how you spend your day.

This app tracks everything you do on your computer, creating a schedule as you move through the day that you can use to determine how you spent your time. It records how much time you spend in each app and identifies the processes that take up most of your time.

4. Dewo

Dewo might sound like a nonsense word, but it’s short for deep work. This app is a sort of personal assistant, breaking down your deep work in a way that enables you to do more of it. To make it even more useful, Dewo learns your habits through AI and triggers the do not disturb function across all devices when it senses that you’re at your most productive.

5. Magnet

The only feature that Windows offers that Mac doesn’t is the ability to snap your windows to various sections of the screen. Luckily, the app store and its productivity apps have you covered! All you have to do is install Magnet and voila! You can click and drag your windows into any arrangement you like. It also comes with features such as predefined shortcuts so you can easily transfer text and files from one window to another.

6. Todoist

For the note-taking aficionado, Todoist is the king of iOS productivity apps. Todoist not only helps to keep you on top of your tasks with browser extensions, task creation, and organization boards but can be accessed from any of your iOS devices. This means you can take your lists and boards on the go! Create your lists on your computer in the morning and pull them up any time, anywhere, on your phone.

7. Password

As an avid computer user, you know that it’s wise to have separate, preferably difficult, passwords for every account you have. Unfortunately, this makes remembering your passwords a time-consuming process.

You can write all your passwords down in the Notes app, but that’s not exactly the safest place for them. Instead, install 1Password! It remembers all of your passwords for you, securing all of your accounts at once and allowing you to access anything you need with one click.

8. Lungo

Have you ever used your computer for a recipe while cooking, only to check for the next ingredient and realize that you’re looking at a screensaver? The sleep feature can be handy, but sometimes we just need our computers to stay awake.

In times like these, you need Lungo! This app will keep your Mac awake for as long as you want, with settings from 10 minutes to indefinitely. Check out to learn more.

9. Alfred

The spotlight feature is one of the best Mac has to offer, but you can take it a step further! By installing Alfred, you’ll receive access to the ultimate productivity machine.

It’s designed to be a combination of Spotlight and Siri, allowing you to save time with shortcuts and custom actions. For example, Alfred has clipboard memory, meaning you can access anything you’ve copied to the clipboard during your computer session with the click of a button.

Install These Productivity Apps for Mac to Make Your Computer Even More Useful

It’s no secret that Mac computers are incredibly useful devices. Many of us use our computers for everything from work to hobbies to entertainment.

Why not take it to the next level by installing a few of these productivity apps for Mac? Everyone can use a little extra productivity in their lives!

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