Top 3 Most Convenient Bitcoin Trading Mobile Apps

Bitcoin trading is still very much popular. Moreover, new BTC enthusiasts who are interested in obtaining the “digital gold, means want to buy bitcoin, are entering the crypto sphere on a daily basis. In other words, it means that there are thousands of people actively seeking ways to trade cryptocurrencies and enter the magical world of cryptocurrencies.

As technology evolves, many new traders are not willing to engage in the trading process from their PCs or laptops. Since everything is mobile now, trading cryptocurrencies on the go has become somewhat a priority, even among experienced traders.

One of the main reasons for that is the overall transition to mobile devices. Therefore, many popular trading platforms decided to offer their services via apps that are available for download.

Most of them are available both for Android and IOS devices, and all you have to do is find the crypto exchange that you love on the App Store or Google Play and download it.

Why is mobile trading important?

When it comes to mobile trading, we’re not talking only about a trend — we’re talking about convenience. If you have at least some knowledge about cryptocurrencies, you probably already know how volatile they are. In other words, their prices change almost every minute, and you want to be there when an opportunity to make a profit by trading arises.

Now, we all know that it’s pretty impossible to be ready to trade when you’re using your desktop PC. even if you’re using your laptop, it might be difficult to trade when you’re not at home.

That’s where mobile devices come in to save the day. If you own a mobile app, you can start your trading journey in a matter of seconds and make that important trade at the right moment.

That’s why many people choose to do both: use desktop exchanges and install their mobile counterparts to their mobile devices.

3 Most Convenient Bitcoin Trading Mobile Apps

Bitcoin Trading Mobile Apps

However, it’s important to point out that some apps simply work better than others. Therefore, let’s take a look at the exchanges that we considered great and that are also available on mobile devices. Read on!

1. CEX.IO App

CEX.IO is widely regarded as one of the cryptocurrency exchange platforms that are most suitable for newcomers. The platform itself has a very simple yet straightforward design that is carefully created to maximize user experience for people who are completely new to the world of cryptocurrency trading.

By downloading the mobile trading CEX.IO app, you will basically have all the options as a desktop trader.

The app is also created following a similar design pattern, with newcomers in mind. In other words, even if you have no experience at all, you’ll still be able to understand how everything works, thanks to the intuitive approach to design.

Needless to say, CEX.IO is also suitable for experienced traders, as they can organize their interface to follow all the info they need for trading.

2. Binance App

Right now, Binance is one of the biggest cryptocurrency trading platforms in the world, and one part of all users are using its services via mobile devices. Therefore, one of the main advantages of Binance is a great trading volume.

Moreover, the team behind Binance is a dedicated and ambitious one, striving to improve the platform every day. That’s why they paid special attention to creating an app that is available for Android devices.

Although it’s a bit more complicated to use compared to CEX.IO, experienced traders will have no trouble learning how to get around. They can use the app to buy and sell BTC and other available cryptocurrencies. Moreover, Binance App users can use the app to open orders, visit trade history, and access some functions such as market order, limit order, and more.

The main disadvantage of this app is that it is currently not available for iPhone users. Therefore, if you have an iPhone, you will have to look for an alternative.

3. Coinbase App

Coinbase is one of the most popular US exchange platforms. Although it started in the US, it now has operations in 100+ countries in the world. It uses state-of-the-art methods to protect users’ funds, such as storing 98% of them in offline wallets.

The platform originally offered only BTC trading, but it later expanded to ETH, LTC, ETC, and more.

Users who want to trade on the go can download the Coinbase app, which is currently available both on the App Store and Google Play. In other words, both Android and iPhone users will be able to trade using their mobile devices.

Apart from buying and selling cryptocurrencies with this app, you’ll also be able to send and request Bitcoin. In other words, the mobile app is also a wallet that can help you store BTC and use it for making purchases.

As a matter of fact, Coinbase focuses on its wallet part more than on its crypto trading part when it comes to the mobile app. Therefore, it’s a 2-in-1 offer.

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Conclusion: Mobile trading is getting popular

Everything is going mobile nowadays, as many industries are now at the tip of our fingers. Cryptocurrencies have are a sort of technological breakthrough, so it’s only natural that they are surrounded by the latest technological innovations.

In other words, people interested in crypto trading have an opportunity to use some of the modern tools and technologies to maximize their effort, and using mobile apps for trading is one of them.

Therefore, make sure to find out more about the apps mentioned in this article if you’re interested in trading on your mobile in order to ultimately choose an app that meets your needs. Every app comes with unique design and settings, so you can select the one that suits you.