A Brief Guide on How to Use VSCO

Photos are a great way to keep track of our memories wherever we go. For instance, when we go on a vacation and visit another place, we tend to take a lot of pictures and post them on social media for other people to see. But sometimes, before posting our photos on social media, we aren’t quite happy with how it looks.

Guide on How to Use VSCO

This is where photo editors come in place. VSCO, in particular, is a great photo editing app that you can use to bring a vibrant feeling to our plain-looking photos. But what exactly is VSCO, and how do you use it? Here, we will show you a brief guide on the app and show you some useful features that you might find handy when the time comes.

What is VSCO?

VSCO is a photo editing app that is similar to a social media platform. Some people might say that the app is identical to Instagram, but the two apps are different from one another. It has many more features, including a better camera than stock camera apps that you will find out there.

The app might be considered as a social media platform, but vsco doesn’t give its users the ability to share or like posts from other people. Unlike other social media sites where you can fully interact with other people’s posts, VSCO merely acts as a photo editing and sharing platform.

VSCO Camera

To get you familiar with the VSCO, let’s start with the app’s camera. The VSCO app has a more adaptive camera compared to a smartphone’s stock camera. From the app, you can launch the camera found on the main menu. It can also be accessed from the “Library” of the app. To shift from the front camera to the rear camera, you can tap the reverse button.

Capture a Photo

Using the app’s camera, you can take a photo by tapping anywhere on the gray bar located at the bottom of your screen. The camera will also allow you to manually adjust the focus and exposure of the photo by tapping the screen using two fingers. Two red circles will appear, and you can set them individually by tapping them.


You can also choose from your library if you want to edit a picture that you already have. The VSCO library is different from your phone’s photo library, so the photos that will appear in your library are the ones you took from the VSCO app. If you want to add photos to your library, you can import them by tapping the “+” icon on your screen.

Edit Pictures Using Presets

After you’ve captured all the photos and imported them to your library, you can now begin editing them by tapping the edit button on the lower-left corner of your screen. From there, you will see all of your downloaded VSCO presets. Using the presets, you can edit and adjust the filter’s intensity by swiping left to decrease or right to increase.

Advanced Editing Tools

VSCO also gives users access to advanced editing tools. Tap the gray bar on the bottom of your screen and tap the wrench icon to start using them. From there, you will see different settings that you can manually adjust depending on how you like them. While editing, you can always compare the difference between the original look and your current edit.

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The VSCO app is a great and fun app to use while editing our pictures. The interface is simple and straightforward, so choosing what you want to do with your photo is easier. VSCO has a lot of more features compared to what was mentioned above. You can always download the app and explore all the features.