What is the Fastest Growing Social Media Platform in 2023

This is the best & interesting subject for blogger that I will show about the fastest-growing social media platform in 2023. You may a blogger, general user, international businessman, and others but you have no celebrity in the world so how you can increase your social media activity? Okay, just follow my guide to increase your social media activity every day. This is the best part of increasing online earn.

If you have people, money will become automatic, on the other hand, if you haven’t people more, your online income will not be increasing. As a result, you have to select the best social media website and the best social media marketing companies so that you can increase social media trends properly.

Going forward after selecting the social media website. Actually, this is called by social media site for business because you just doing behind of money and money will be earned behind of business after all this is called by social media site for business. Okay, now I going to show you top 5 social media platforms in the world & I hope you would be satisfied with using these site every day. Remember always that this is not for a single day, you have to stay every day just for an hour.

Top 5 Fastest Growing Social Media Platforms

1. Twitter

Twitter is the second world largest social media platform in the world. Twitter had been created by Jack Dorsey (CEO of Twitter). Google when calculating the page rank then Twitter is the first page of rank in the world. Their page rank was 10. Now Google published that Google page rank is not important anymore. However, Twitter is a link-building social website platform. If you have more than 10k real followers, you can go ahead nicely. You have to work hard just for getting 10k real followers. After getting the 10k followers, the additional follower will become automatic. So log-in your Twitter account every day for 30 minutes & and publish start unique tweet, retweet, and like others person’s tweets.

Twitter the Fastest Growing Social Media Platform

Position of Twitter: Index- 121,00,00,000 Alexa Rank:9 Established: 21 March 2006 URL: twitter.com

2. Facebook

Facebook is the third list of social networks. It was created by Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of Facebook) If you can create a beautiful website page and decorate the page mindfully, you will be getting a lot of pages like on one year. Actually, you have to stay with Facebook for a long time so that you can acquire success to get more traffic from Facebook. Most Android smartphone users already using Facebook for their privileges. So you can follow Facebook to social media marketing

if you can expand your important time, you will be a success to get more visitors to your website. This is most effective to increase your website’s Alexa Rank. However, now the question is how many parts you have to use for Facebook. There most effective part is a Facebook page. If you can increase your page like up to 10k then you will succeed to make a successful blog. I like to work with Facebook Page, Group & Profile. This three-step is better to make a lot of visitors for the new website. Now go ahead and create your page, group and profile nicely.

Facebook the Fastest Growing Social Media Platform

Position of Facebook: index- 183,00,00,000 Alexa Rank-3 Established: 4 February 2004 URL: facebook.com

3. Linkedin

Linkedin is the best largest page for make job, find a job, online job and the best social media platform in the world but our topic was that showing you the top 5 social media platform in the worlds. So it is the fourth steps of them, if you calculate the job ranking site then it may appear front page of them. Linkedin was created by Jeff Weiner (CEO of Linkedin). You can add a company page on your LinkedIn account. So in this social media platform, you have to create two-way. First is the best profile second, company page. You have to work same for LinkedIn that you had worked with others. Continue like, comment on others post. Try to increase community every day just for 30 minutes. Don’t miss to activity every day until you reach 500+ connection.

LinkedIn the Fastest Growing Social Media Platform

Position of Linkedin: Index- 30,50.00,000 Alexa Rank-14 Established: 14 December 2002 URL: linkedin.com

4. Pinterest

Pinterest is the fifth world largest social media company in the world. It was created by Ben Silbermann (CEO of Pinterest). Basically, whole the fusion is here. If you have a healthy & fusion website, you can get more visits from Pinterest. So how you can increase activity on Pinterest? Generally, you have to create an official profile in Pinterest as well as create a unique Pinterest board. After complete creation, start to pin an image, video, website link, and others that you have. You should mind what is your board about because you should pin others’ post on the related board so that your activity would be enhanced. Always repin & love others’ post even save others’ pin on your related board.

Pinterest the Fastest Growing Social Media Platform

Position of Pinterest: Index- 440,00,000; Alexa Rank-40; Established: March 2010 URL: Pinterest.com

5. Tumblr

Tumblr is the 6th social media website and web 2 blogs so that you can create a blog on Tumblr. It’s one of the best parts of social media advertising. It was created by David Karp (CEO of Tumblr). This is for you and just make two ways for this Tumblr. As first make your business profile as well as secondly, create a blog. Your blog rank will be developed if you can choose the best Tumblr themes. On the other hand, always reblog & like another post, article, image as like yourself. This is the best way to increase your Tumblr follower more than 10k. If anyone submits or publishes a website link to the best followers and popular Tumblr blog then the article would be ranked by Google shortly. Actually, Tumblr server response speed is slow so user sometimes face hesitation. Also if you have high-speed internet, you can go ahead nicely.

Tumblr the Fastest Growing Social Media Platform

Position of Tumblr: Index- 107,00,00,000 Alexa Rank-38 Established: February 2007 URL: tumblr.com