5 Advantages of Australian Citizenship

Australian have become one of the topmost loved destinations of the world. Many of us aspire to visit Australia due to its breath-taking beauty, natural climate, and best opportunities to grow in life.

Who is entitled to Australian citizenship?

Advantages of Australian Citizenship

Some people get citizenship because they were born in Australia. Some try to get it later at some point in their life. The government of Australia has set a criterion for people wishing to get citizenship in Australia. The criterion to meet is:

  1. You are married to an Australian citizen
  2. You have passed the test of citizenship
  3. You have a legal visa of four years or more in Australia.
  4. You become a permanent resident of Australia

Those who don’t live in Australia and have never visited Australia cannot get citizenship unless they get a visa for Australia. Furthermore, they are required to show a good record and stay in Australia for a certain number of years to be eligible for citizenship. Some people also look for working visas Australia so that they get an opportunity to reach their dream country. In order to get information about visas and procedures to apply, can be visited.


People aspire to get citizenship in Australia because of many benefits. Here are some benefits of Australian citizenship:

1. Financial help for education:

Australian residents get the facility of free education in their country. There are many loan schemes for which citizens of Australia are supposed to eligible. To get financial assistance, you are required to opt for at least one or more courses in a university. There are many schemes run by the government of Australia exclusively for permanent residents

2. You don’t get deported:

If you have become a permanent resident of Australia, you will never be deported unless you fail to show good character. Those who are citizens of Australia never get deported no matter how severe their crime is and what kind of punishment they receive

3. Visa-free travel:

Citizens of Australia don’t have to apply for a visa to go to other countries for travel, education, or any other purpose. There are more or less 183 countries that allow Australian citizens to visit them without having to apply for a visa.

4. You get the opportunity to live in New Zealand:

New Zealand and Australia are two neighbouring countries with strong bonds. People who have citizenship are given the freedom to choose the place they want to live in Australia. Apart from them, they are also given access to New Zealand and they can also opt for living permanently in New Zealand if they want to

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5. You can apply to government jobs:

Government jobs in Australia are only for those people who are the citizens of Australia. If you get the citizenship of Australia, you get the right to work on different positions in federal government departments such as police, army, etc.