Guide to Roadway Paving in Connecticut for Businesses and Municipalities

With a population of 3.5 million, Connecticut has seen an 8.5 increase in employment since 2020. Schools, restaurants, and construction are the leading industries in Connecticut.

If you wish to make the best pavement for your office parking space or sidewalks, it is essential to call an expert roadway paving company Connecticut. These companies are experts in the installation of porous roadways.

Guide to Roadway Paving in Connecticut for Businesses

How is Roadway Paving Done?

Porous asphalt can be defined as a type of asphalt concrete in which a portion of the aggregate mix has been replaced with granular material. The granular material helps absorb water instead of sending it into storm drains and streams, allowing it to soak back into the earth.

It also allows for air passage and porous surface, which is more comfortable for pedestrians and bicyclists than traditional pavement. Porous asphalt and other “permeable” surfaces allow rainwater to soak into the ground, where it can be filtered before it reaches nearby waterways.

Porous asphalt works well with cisterns that can collect rainwater for later use in areas with less rainfall. Porous asphalt can help prevent runoff, one of the leading causes of pollution in lakes and oceans. It also helps prevent flash floods by slowing down how rainwater enters streams and storm drains.

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What Should You Need as a Business Owner?

According to reports, Connecticut averages 37 inches of snow per year. As a business owner, you should also be aware that porous asphalt can help reduce the amount of ice on sidewalks and parking lots. In cold climates, a layer of porous asphalt can be applied to the surface of a parking lot or sidewalk to keep the area free of ice and snow. Here are some tips for hiring the proper roadway paving company in Connecticut.


You should make sure to hire a contractor in Connecticut who is experienced with porous asphalt in both applying it to existing surfaces and in building new ones from scratch.

Porous asphalt has been around for nearly a century, but only recently have contractors started specializing in it because its popularity is growing.

Check Experience

When choosing a contractor in Connecticut, you should ask for references and examples of past work. The contractor should also be able to provide a detailed proposal that includes the cost of materials and labor and the expected lifespan of the pavement.

What Municipalities Need to Know?

Municipalities might want to consider porous asphalt for road restoration or as part of a stormwater management plan.

According to the EPA, “Permeable pavement is one tool in many communities’ ‘toolbox’ of green infrastructure practices to manage runoff at the source.”

Porous asphalt can be applied on new or existing roads, parking lots, and sidewalks to improve water quality by reducing how much stormwater flows into nearby rivers and streams. Porous asphalt can help manage stormwater onsite rather than funneling runoff through storm drains and sewers.

When You Need an Overhaul of Your Porous Asphalt?

If your porous asphalt looks a bit worse for wear, it might be time for a restoration.

The process includes cleaning the surface and then reapplying a new porous asphalt layer. You should hire an experienced contractor in this type of repair, as an improper application can damage the pavement further.


Porous asphalt is a great way to reduce runoff and help preserve our waterways. It is also a more comfortable surface for pedestrians and bicyclists. If your porous asphalt needs restoration, be sure to hire a contractor experienced in this process.