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Here is All You Need to Know to Enjoy the Best Pizza in Amritsar

Pizza is a universal food loved by all, they are versatile to our taste, it can cater to nearly any diet and taste. Pizza is a favorite to those who like veg or who like it just with cheese; some with an abundance of vegetables, some with meat, some with thick crust, some with a thin crust. Whatever the change Pizza is everybody’s go-to meal with everything from movies, lunch, dinner to the celebration. Amritsar, a popular city well known for its dhabha has opened its arms to this one Italian treat that has the hearts of all, and here we are enumerating the best pizza in Amritsar.

Best Pizza in Amritsar
Best Pizza in Amritsar

Pizza Italia

Pizza Italia is a well-known easy-going feasting spot that offers an extensive variety of pizzas, garlic bread and the sky is the limit from there. Their pizzas are not only delectable but also provide an additional element where you can purchase the pizza per slice, making eating in a hurry simple. They additionally have an alternative where you can make your very own pizza.


Bella-A-Sia is a prominent eatery for all your Italian nourishment indulgence. This rich upmarket eatery keeps things chic and streamlined with a moderately stylistic theme, and it’s one of only a handful couple of spots in Amritsar where you can appreciate bona fide Italian nourishment thus making it one of the best pizzas in Amritsar.

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Pizza Studio

Pizza Studio is the perfect place to enjoy your pizza with a refreshing beer to drop all the stress of the day in the end. This is another joint where you could order by the slice and it also provides you with choices to make your own pizza. They offer a huge variety of veg as well as non-vegetarian pizzas with a nice casual ambiance, a perfect atmosphere for a hangout.

La Pino’z Pizza

La Pino’z pizza provides a rustic décor to go along with your meal, may it be their tacos, pasta, garlic bread or chicken wings though there is pizza is what led it to be among the best pizza in Amritsar. The pizza joint provides its patrons with an abundance of option ranging from the classic pizza for the classic maniacs to the specialty pizza for the adventurous souls out there.

La Rome Pizzeria

Affordable place for friends to hang out and eat all types of food ranging from burgers to sandwich however their star of the joint as the name recommends are the pizza. They offer some incredible crisply prepared pizzas accessible in various sizes and with various fixings. With inviting administration and a fun, boisterous climate, La Roma is an extraordinary place for a fun, easy-going night with friends and fill yourselves with the best pizza in Amritsar.

Pizza Express

Pizza express is where food is an incentive for cash. The taste and arrangement of the tasty pizza are great. Plates of salad merit attempting so are the Mexican delicacies. The modest diner is very known for their pizzas that are accessible in various sorts like supreme, classic, Xpress Special, and Rosie’s Recipe.


And lastly, we come to Dominos, an oldie but a goodie. Domino’s is among the leading pizza delivery chain in India and there is a reason for that, their pizza provides a delicious crust with mouthwatering cheese spread onto a well-baked base. Their pizza delivery is fast and efficient and they carry their franchise in various localities of Amritsar so you will be sure to find one near you. They occasionally come with new pizzas and crust to go according to their patron’s taste and bring variety among a large market that is pizza delivery.

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