How To Promote Yourself For Remote Transcription Jobs!


Are you thinking of Freelance transcription jobs? But in a dilemma hot to promote yourself as a transcriptionist remotely? Poof! Isn’t it stressful? Let’s lighten up today!

You are here because either you are planning for freelance transcription or just started your career here. Getting the first client is, for sure, a challenge. You have to keep on working with no client, too as clients will not appear magically. Like any other business, people do not trust a new thing, but every business has to start somewhere. Then what you need to do is act as you have been in doing this for years. But how you’ll do it? Scroll down for the answer.

Promote Yourself For Remote Transcription Jobs

Develop a Website

The first thing a freelancer must have is a good website. It plays a very vital role in marketing your services. And it’s easy and free to create a great website. Otherwise, you can consider hiring a paid professional for that. Pick as per your available resources.

Now, the language and look of the site should be friendly and positive. We know you are here for business, but it will be nice you have a light presence.

Then comes putting information on the site, including every detail that will be permanent irrespective of different contracts like what you deal in medical, legal or general, the money you charge, experience, etc.

If you are a freelance transcriptionist, you have to do more than just listen and type. Make time and write your blogs for your site. It could be related to transcription and its co-heads. And do it consistently and timely! It’s your first way to gain clients.

Curate a Resume

In the freelance market, a potential employer will hire based on your resume. Create a powerful resume, Emphasize your abilities and experiences in different fields. Double-check your grammar and spelling mistakes. Take the help of the internet to get a hand in making a professional resume.

And, yeah, highlight your comfort zones very clear and loud. Do not lie… it won’t end up well. Keep it unique, friendly, and short but informative enough.

Positive media hype

When you are a newbie, your name is unknown in the market. But you have to put your name positively. How will you do it!

Build your accounts on different social media platforms and start promoting yourself. Then take inspiration from big players in the market and start applying it gradually.

When you have gained enough public to your account, introduce your profession, achievements, blogs, and website.

With this process, what happens, first people would have enough time to know you, and second, they will be ready to spread your name as a transcriptionist in a positive way. The key to growing here is to share frequently, update your blogs, inspirations, quotes, and professional advice.



Advertising is the best way to promote new business and gain people’s trust. It’s a very effective way to attract a massive audience. But it would help if you had the right audience that’s possible only through the proper advertising. Your potential leads are out there dealing with some other transcriptionist. What you need to do is find where your leads and other transcriptionists are gathering online.

List down those top platforms, which commonly includes-

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • com
  • com

Many other freelancing sites are providing freelance transcription jobs. Just get down to these platforms and start advertising your services.

Make posts regularly. Include pictures and videos and go with the trend!

Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, etc., every platform has its trending topic. So try to take advantage of it to make your advertisement viral.

Quick tip- Do not forget to include “you” in the profile. Make posts in which you’re also interacting. People tend to trust a person who is visible on the profiles. So include that!

Offering discounts-

When you’re new, the thing that you can offer is discounts! So focus on advertising that you have lower prices than others on the right platform. There are different types of discounts you can include:

  • First-order discount
  • Discounts for recurring clients
  • In- house discounts for various clients from one company
  • Bulk order discount

Freelance transcription jobs are no kid’s game to play. So before deciding discounts, make sure you’d still make enough profit with that.

Referral program 

It’s one of the best ways to get fresh leads. You can give referral rewards either in money form, gift vouchers, or discounts. Once you gain a few clients, introduce your referral scheme. People will create a buzz about your services, and steadily you can have an intact business in your hand.

But getting those few at the start will take more effort. Try everything that you can do to get them. Hand over your business cards to offices, family, and friends.

Sustaining clients

Had people coming back is the most tricky and useful tool for scaling huge. Do not just focus on making new clients; make them stay!

As we are working in freelance transcription jobs, the quality service is the bait for clients. If they are happy with your quality, then they will not think of surfing anyone else. Quality is not what you type. Also, the quality of speed, presentation, delivery, and of course, reacting to sudden changes matters.

Other than this, sending out reminder emails is the best to keep clients with you only. With emails, you can educate them about an update regarding your new blogs, new discount offers, referral rewards, etc. It’s imperative to stay connected with your former clients. So, you can’t afford to miss email practice!

Industries that demands Transcriptionist

Industries that demands Transcriptionist

Commonly, freelance transcription jobs are readily available in legal and medical fields. But with time changing rapidly, there are a bunch of industries requiring transcriptions regularly. So if you thought you might not have enough market to grow in! Then check out the list beneath, you will be fully convinced to start freelance transcription jobs now!

  • Market research and consulting companies
  • Media professionals
  • Entertainment companies
  • Real estate professionals
  • Claims adjusters and insurance professionals
  • Educational institutions
  • Financial services companies
  • Conferences
  • Trade shows
  • Research institutions
  • Authors
  • E-learning companies
  • Marketers
  • Personal development coaches and speakers
  • Business corporations
  • Churches and religious organizations
  • Video production agencies

Now, all you need is to arrange the right resources and start hustling. You can make a great career here!