Best Science Apps For Students in 2020

Science is exciting, but it gets better if you can solve the equations or learn about the latest discoveries immediately they are released. The power to learn anywhere and remain updated on science inventions lies in having an app on your phone or gadget. You may also go for the physics homework helper app that covers all the topics and subjects that could be problematic.

Science apps are specific to the features they offer. Some are for performing calculations, while others will provide updates on different fields. You may also find apps for multipurpose use. You should know whether the app is useful on iOS or Android, among other operating systems. It must also provide a solution to your challenges with the sciences.

Here are excellent science apps you should consider adding to your school gadget.

Science Apps For Students

1. The Chemical Touch

The name suggests an app that will help you with your chemistry assignment. It provides details of all chemical elements you will ever learn in class. The periodic table is also captured, alongside the properties of different rows and columns. You will also learn about atomic masses of different substances and how they react in different environments. The app provides credible chemistry information that will simplify your assignments by allowing you to study anywhere you will be. The app also links you to credible resources like Wikipedia and websites of renowned institutions. With the app, all the information about chemicals and related substances will be at your fingertips.

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2. Kahn Academy

The app is perfect for revision. It features more than 40,000 interactive questions and exercises on different topics. The app will also provide access to more than 10,000 videos explaining different concepts. Kahn Academy app covers all the subjects studied in the school, including math, history, economics, science, and emerging study areas. If you are struggling with science or any other subject and require credible tutoring, this is the app to download.

3. NASA Visualization Explorer

All the ideas you will learn in class have a reflection in the universe. NASA Visualization Explorer animates the descriptions provided in class to provide a new depth that will make more sense to you. This is the perfect science app for physics and geography students who want to discover more about the universe.

NASA Visualization Explorer also features thoroughly researched articles on different topics about the universe. It also provides visuals that will demonstrate the ideas that are only available in descriptions. There are new stories and features about the solar system that are added to the app often. This is the source of the most up-to-date information in space and universe exploration.

4. WolframAlpha

The app is designed for students looking for information on biology. It features incredible articles, clips, and engaging content on different topics in biology. Some of the areas covered include human anatomy, genomics, neuroscience, and molecular biology. You will also learn about individual animals and plants, as well as their classes, divisions, species, and such classifications.

WolframAlpha is also enabled to serve students looking for help in other subjects.  A section has been added for engineering, physics, chemistry, and computations. This is one of the most comprehensive apps you will find on science. It has received an excellent rating from tutors, students, and education experts.

5. Physics Calculator

Physics involves a lot of calculations, some of which can be overwhelming. The physics calculator app will make it easy to solve some of the intimidating physics questions. The design leaves you with the simple task of filling in the blank spaces to calculate such elements as motion, temperature, gravity, energy, thermodynamics, and power, among others. If you are looking for a tool to help you in solving those questions fast, this is the app to install.

6. NOVA Lab

The app is designed with a holistic learning environment in mind. It also takes a different perspective compared to other apps that students will be interacting with. The NOVA Lab assists students and teachers to conduct virtual experiments. You pick the components you wish to test and mix them live on the site. The platform will deliver results and guide you on areas you may have errors. The lab is unique because it offers links between the teacher and students. This feature allows your teacher to follow your progress and therefore makes it easier to assist in case you get stuck.

7. Brilliant

The platform aims at producing students who are good at STEM. The approach is an intuitive and exploratory learning process that will result in illumination. The student will be provoked to think about different ideas and in the process, discover the hidden principles. This is the perfect app for problem-solving oriented minds.

App developers have paid a lot of attention to sciences. Some apps combine different subjects, while others focus on a single subject. You will be spoilt of choice when looking for apps to assist in your science assignments.

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