The Best Senior Life Insurance Company Reviews

You are at 60 years old and passing every day under a lot of depression as you are not still prepared to end up sufferings in your earlier life. People are always habituated with the reality of life-like “going with the flow”. This reality comes as a big predicament in life. Making the right decision at the right time can make people’s life joyous and happier even if at the age of 60.

When you are at this age, your expenses like medication and other liabilities are also increasing. So senior life insurance is the right decision to lead a happy and joyous life even if after your retirements and over 60 years old.

Senior Life Insurance

Senior Life Insurance
Senior Life Insurance

According to The National Centre for Health Statistics, life expectancy is increasing which stands at 78.6 years for American People on average. Everyone expects living longer and living longer may be a sad story for someone.

Living longer may be a happier and joyous story for someone who thinks of spending some from your earnings as long as they are active and alive. Luckily, you have different plans and options to be joyous when you are going with senior life insurance plan from now.

Why Senior Life Insurance Should Be Taken Into Consideration:

There is obviously a plan for why life insurance for seniors over 60 is so important. Insurance is ensuring safety in life for financial recovery. A few dollars today is not a big amount of money but paying this amount can generate a bigger amount in the last phase of life.

Seniors are people who stand in the last miles of life when they want to lead a happy life. A happy life is possible if an accurate plan is taken at the right time. However, at this stage, you may be in need of lots of things which can make your life so happy.

When you are indebted:

Life is running and nobody knows where we can end up. Seniors are trying heart and soul to solve all the problems that their kids are facing now. Even in life, to meet up basic needs like health, living costs, buildings and many more, money is strongly needed. Even, an unexpected incident like natural calamities like hurricane, earthquake or fire accident may take the huge financial toll.

In these cases, there should be a financial plan through which all side can be balanced. Luckily, Life Insurance is an effective tool to build protection against outstanding debts.

For increasing medical expenses:

Seniors are more susceptible to facing lots of health complication at this stage especially after 60 years old. To meet these health problems financially is a big issue and a proper monetary plan like insurance may be a good decision for leading a joyous life. Whereas, most of the guys spend their earnings to meet up family’s demand or to face the minimum requirement of life.

Protection of your Pension:

The pension is earned after long-term service provided by people. This pension money is the sole dependence for living happily for the rest of life. This pension may be wasted anyhow if someone does not have any protection from an earlier life.

Senior life insurance can be a wise way to be wise even if you are no longer a job. This plan will make you solvent and in spite of facing any unexpected incident in life, this is going to save you from falling any financial breakthrough.

Estate Taxes:

After passing so many years, estate taxes may be the big liability at this stage as this tax is to be paid. When you have a strong financial plan like senior life insurance, you can replace this with the current financial plan. You don’t want your life full of predicaments which affect the whole family that you are leaving in this world. So this can be a good and wise step in ensuring safety and prosperity in life.

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Types of Life Insurance Best for Seniors:

Different people occupy a different reality. According to your budget and needs, you can choose one that fits your demand. Life insurance is all about the same but can be identified as lifesaving at the end. The most suited life insurance are Guaranteed Universal Life, Survivorship Life, and Guaranteed Acceptance Life. They may be different in name but the function is the same as to meet up the need of life as insurance.

Guaranteed Universal Life as Insurance for Senior:

Lowest cost with the highest return is preferable to most of the people because we think to pay dollars according to our budget. One can avail permanent coverage if this plan is taken. Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance can be customized when you can raise your budget but you can do that if your health and age can support to earn more.

It is affordable and whole life insurance policy. Your cash premiums paid for a few years are used to balance rising premiums down the line. However, it is all about guarantees and this can be helping hand at your difficult time like medical bills, credit card debts and saving your future generation from the financial crisis. If you are 50-85, this can be a better way to beat a bigger crisis in life.

There are some features of Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance which are

Flexible Premiums:

Some Insurance company may have strict rules and regulation, like paying premiums on time or paying late, can be a reason for fine. But this is a flexible premium even if you are late in paying you can’t be fine as it is guaranteed.

Flexible Benefits:

Higher benefits make people more inclusive and focused to continue insurance premium. You can guarantee your coverage from 90 years old to 121 if you can. It means as long as you will continue paying premiums as much as you are getting benefitted.

Flexible Growth:

If you have chosen this plan, you can grow the cash value in the products that you may prefer. This flexibility will enhance your insurance cash value.

Insurance is the lifelong process and it is taken to avoid any unexpected crisis in life. If you think about the affordable rate, you are healthy to support this kind of senior life insurance. It can benefit you and your generation in making your financial condition in a stronger way and meeting all kinds of needs that you may expect.

Survivorship Life Insurance:

Most of the senior couple can take the survivorship life insurance plan and it is one of the most effective choices for them. This is very important financial planning that can benefit beneficiary. Cash value is paid when two insurers have died. Most of the times it occurred with the car insurance company.

So you should be aware of the best car insurance tips. It means if the first policyholder dies, then it is not possible to get insurance cash value. However, the reasons why people prefer it are cheaper, easier to buy, building estates, investment in the premiums like doing business with them.

Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance:

Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance can be the last choice but this is one of the costly life insurance in the market. In spite of being costly, why you need to take as your final plan are-

Low Coverage amounts For most of the people, a small death benefit of $5,000 to $25,000 may be effective for you but this amount is low for most of the people. Few carriers need a lot of underwriting which can make it very competitive in the market price.

Another reason is if you are 50-85 with Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance, your health and age will be cautiously considered if it is possible to carry out this plan. You can’t be turned down due to your health issues but this can be cheap and only on your option.

Term Life Insurance for seniors:

Seniors who are about at the age of 50 and above most often they face a big financial crisis and they want to solve it. The insurance policy especially life insurance policy may be a good deal to solve that big financial crisis. Term life insurance also available from New York life insurance. However, you’re senior? Yeah, you should also know the New York life insurance reviews.

There Are Some Facts to Consider:

Pre-Retirement Income:

When you have some years to retirement, you may decide to take it to make sure your spouse is not losing the same retirement schedule. However, most of the service holders’ earnings go up at the end of the service especially before 4-5 years, this time’s earnings can be used for this purposes.

Mortgage Pay-Off:

When you have the mortgage loan, you may be so depressed that in spite of passing so many years you are indebted. Your family members may be at the vulnerable condition to depression that mortgage needs to be paid off.

So buying life insurance coverage can be the good financial plan to protect against depression and this can be last residence standing on which you can breathe happily.

Large medical Bills:

When you are getting old, your health compilations are also on the rise. Increasing health complications need increasing amounts of money. Even most of the people are facing debt due to complicated health illness.

If you have a wise financial plan in your life, it can save you from financial loss. So to ensure peace of your mind and happy life, life insurance plan is a good option to beat large medical bills at the end of your life.

However, a term policy is perfect to replace any kind of short-term obligation and you can prefer it for being cheap.

Whole Life Insurance: Whole life is getting backdated and the benefits are guaranteed death benefits and guaranteed premiums. When cash value increases, the death benefit can grow. Right now, people are looking for a new type of insurance policy available in their life.

Do you need Riders?

Riders are some provisions of insurance policy that are used to add or amendments to the coverage. A standard and modern policy should have less space to modify or customize regarding deductibles or coverage amounts.

However, let’s take some moments if a life insurance rider is worth adjusting to a life insurance policy. Riders may be troublesome to most of the people and they may work to provide benefits. It is so embarrassing to buy an old version of any product when you are working every day to update with an updated device.

It takes time and makes you spend money. Life Insurance riders should work to add accessibility or ensure an additional type of benefit to make it meaningful and workable.

Some types of Riders:

There are some types of riders which are Accelerated Death Benefit Rider, Critical Illness Rider, and Waiver or premium Rider. These three types of riders are worth considering life insurance policy.

Accelerated Death benefit Rider:

It is a benefit that can be adjusted to the life insurance policy which helps a policyholder to gain cash in advance after providing proof of terminal illness. Accelerated death benefit rider is very important to consider as you can get cash in advance in spite of being alive.

When you will have the acute crisis of money to lead your terminal treatment, this rider can work best for helping you get money in advance by which you can get back your life after proper treatment.

There are some issues that you may add to your policy beforehand which will provide you with a platform to gain this benefit. These are medical bills, experiment treatment and experience some memories to gain trust from them.

Critical Illness:

Everyone may pass critical health complication in life. Critical health complication may be reasons for spending a huge amount of money. Then you may need money to conduct medical expenses and this rider ensures living benefits payable to you for experimental treatment before death.

The rider can be taken due to cancer, coronary artery bypass, heart attack, and major organ transplant. These health complications are so serious and need a huge amount of money to be recovered.

Critical Illness rider’s main issue is leading the cost of treatment. The life insurance policy may find it very difficult to balance the price because of getting mixed between life insurance and health insurance together.

You may find it as the best policy for your life and be considering this fact more insurance companies are providing this facility to survive in this competitive business.

Waiver of Premium:

When we are discussing life insurance policy of seniors, it is easy to find the idea as the death benefit. But there are some riders which can be so effective for the insures. For example, someone has bought a life insurance policy and terms and conditions are saying that your cash value will be paid when you will be dead.

But that person may be disabled and most of the people say that death is preferable to disability. So a waiver of premium riders ensures payments of all life insurance when the insured people are disabled.

Riders are worth adding to your policy in case of critical illness, disability or terminal illness. There is also a minimum cost to the rider and your access to the rider depends on your health profile when you are going to apply. These riders are not the popular choice for most of the insurance company but they are adding riders to customer satisfaction.

How to Buy Insurance:

To buy insurance is not so difficult because there are lots of channels to buy it. But there are some seniors who don’t find them due to the proper information. Everyone will find the system to be easy and fast to get things done quickly. There are mainly three channels through which you buy a senior life insurance policy.

Even you may be interested to know about Go Auto Insurance Reviews, American Auto Insurance Reviews, and the Top List of Auto Insurance Companies in Ontario.

Independent channels:

The independent channel is the best way to open the insurance process. The independent channel is virtually equipped like different online purchase system and they are licensed in all 50 states. They may call the broker and can merge with your needs.

Captive Agents:

A single company may appoint a captive agent who may work to provide lots of information when it is clear that you know the policy and you want to open the insurance policy. Products are shown by the company with the help of captive agents.


Most of the companies have call centers internally or externally to sell products and this is called direct selling process. You can buy insurance with the help of the carriers.

However, the best way to select an agent is independent because there are lots of online platforms and you may choose any one and can buy independently. In the age of digital technology, people’s freedom is on the rise and you are not forced to buy anything that you don’t want. Captive agent or carrier only represent their exciting offer prescribed by the company. But this channel can be your own choice.

How to Apply for Senior Life Insurance: 

Application for any contract is not easy and it is a process where there are financial terms and risk assessment. The insurance company needs authentic documents and the guy who is going to apply wants a fast process. Fulfilling the requirements of both sides is the main criteria to complete the application process. Additionally, completion of this process will be the varied person to person. There are some steps which can be followed;

Apply for Senior Life Insurance
Apply for Senior Life Insurance


Application process or application form can be the beginning process of insurance. The application may be different on the basis of product type. But the application form needs the same kind of information from you which may be your personal information-contact info, residence.

Your nominated beneficiary information, duration, and details of the policy required by the insurance company.  Even you may be asked to provide more information. This process fulfills all kinds of requirements needed by the insurance company.

Phone Interview:

The phone interview is one of the beginning processes and it tends to be 15-20 minutes. Over the phone, you may be asked about the details of your present health condition, occupation or criminally related questions. For risk assessment, you may be asked in-depth even they may go for follow-up questions. For example, you have diabetes and the first question may be any health problem? The answer may be yes to have diabetes.

Additionally, the follow-up question is did you consult any doctor? How did they say about recovery? If the company finds a fast recovery of your health from your answer, they will be interested to stay with you because the insurance company’s main concern is the risk assessment. They will go to that place with lots of facilities for the people where there is less risk.

Database Checks:

Senior Life Insurance is highly life-related. So health is so important a fact to consider. As part of checking different facts, Database check is so important to get more information about MIB which is Medical Information Bureau, RX which is prescription database check, MVR which is Motor vehicle record.

In these three databases, there are lots of information. If the insurance company finds something bad in one area, it does not mean that they are going to deny you.

You may have an acceptable time to be fit in the area where there is the possibility of risk identified by the insurance company. To make sure every area safe is the first condition to complete the process very fast.

Medical Exam:

After checking the database in those three areas, the next step is the Medical exam. This exam includes some vital information in the area of health like height, weight, blood pressure, check, blood sample, urine sample EKG. This exam is very sensitive and risk related which is why third-party agent examiners to ensure clarity and flawless.

The examiner will measure weight, height and receive a sample of blood and urine and provide a report which will work to satisfy the insurance company on the basis of positivity on the report. For senior Life Insurance, it is so important to complete an on the spot EKG if it is related to a death benefit.

Medical Records Requests:

In this step, your doctor and the underwriting department will ensure medical record and you are responsible for doing that. The physicians’ statement present there is required to verify your health condition. The insurance company also may ask for documents from the place where you have visited for medical tests. Everything will be carried out in an appropriate and official manner to make sure clarity between both parties.


When all information is verified and approved, then this process begins to confirm your insurance process. But the process may be late or stuck due to information not provided according to the above requirements. When to underwrite will get all information according to the needs of the policy, he may proceed with the process and make a proposal for the approval decision.

However, every company has own guidelines for senior life insurance and they may also follow it and in case of any discrepancy, they must inform you.

Approval Decision:

Approval decision is the last phase of confirming long-awaited senior life insurance. Every information is accessed so sharply and the approval decision is made by setting into three categories like an offer, postponement, and decline. If the approval decision is in the category of the offer, then there are some more categories like preferred plus, preferred, standard plus, and standard, substandard to provide you a rating system.

It is so interesting that the main purpose of setting a rating for your insurance status means you are going to get discounts. Standard rating is to get a discount even there is also criteria between smokers and non-smokers as discounts factors.


Now it is your turn about the insurance process. However you are satisfied and agreed to take after reading the whole policy of senior life insurance policy with an approved rating, then you may accept it.

If you think that your rating should be better than you may wait and reconsider it. You may recommend the underwriter to change the present rating status and underwriter may change the rating after the reevaluation of your submitted every information.

At last, you may refuse this policy any simple reason and you may say no. if you have already paid any premium, the insurance company will refund the amount that you paid.


Life’s condition may not be static and it may change due to unexpected happenings. So in spite of following all guidelines of senior life insurance, there may be a need to modify your policy. So there is also a choice for modification in the area of death benefit amount, coverage duration, or lowering the premium.

Here modification means decreasing the benefits and you can’t increase the benefits. To go for modification, you may need to submit more information or documents to the underwriter.

Anyway, we have some recommendation about Senior life insurance and seniors may prefer according to their needs. Now we are going to discuss the senior life insurance company reviews.


Assurity can be the best deal to go with because when you are looking for lie insurance coverage as like senior life insurance. Some features are going to attract you like

  • Available for ages 18-74
  • Face amounts range from $50,000-$3, 50,000
  • Term period 10,15,20, and 30 years.
  • Multiple riders were available with critical illness benefit rider.
  • Modification facilities like term policy to permanent policy available to 65.

Banner Life Insurance:

For the good service, Banner life insurance is so preferable to the seniors and it is getting much popularity for its sub-standard risk clients, competitive life insurance plan. Here are some features that you may know

  • A long history of life insurance
  • Cheap life insurance
  • Last platform for those who are struggling with critical health illness.
  • Having A+ rating
  • 10,15, 20, 30 years’ term available.

Fidelity Life Insurance:

This is one of the trusted senior life insurance for seniors. This insurance company is getting so popular for its flexibility in the area of modification and many more. Here are some features of Fidelity life insurance:

  • Use of modern technology to make it fast and forward
  • Reputation for its long-term service
  • Flexibility on prices
  • 10, 20 and 30 years as the term based on your age
  • 50 to 85 available

Foresters Life Insurance:

This company is struggling to provide the best form of insurance coverage for the seniors and it is one of the best senior life insurance company. A lot of senior citizens including citizens who are in the retirement may find as best platform for insurance coverage. Some features may be:

  • “A” rating as the best company
  • Perfect for those whose health conditions are at risk
  • Cheap life insurance
  • No boundary of age

Gerber Life Insurance:

This life insurance company is top rated in the United States of America and it is providing insurance coverage for the senior citizens and it can be one of the best senior life insurance plans. So you can know some reviews of this company.

  • Having a strong balance sheet and solid brand name
  • Face amounts up to $ 25,000
  • Borrowing cash amounts
  • Fixed premium payments
  • Whole life insurance that builds cash value

North American Company:

There is anothe great option to go with the best senior life insurance and it is North American Company. There are some reasons why you as senior after your retirement will depend on them for financial gain. There are some features that may attract you to go with them:

  • Top ten best company for the senior life insurance company in the USA
  • Top rated insurance carriers
  • A+ rating which means as best
  • Providing coverage up to 85 years’ age
  • Providing better service for the seniors

In conclusion

it can be highly said that after spending a youthful life, senior people’s health may be a problem and unexpected realities may change the plan designed by the whole life. Then life goes to hail and there is nothing left to hope for just for proper decision at the proper time. Senior life insurance reviews can be so helpful tool to give a new life when you are going to face unexpected realities but you don’t face those unexpected realities. Your life is going to be so joyous because this life is getting a strong financial background. So it is a good deal to go with senior life insurance plan to lead a happy life in the end.

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