Things to Consider Before Buying Pellet Stoves or Wood Stoves

The winter season brings in the most important problem that a person can face is keeping their homes warm. And this problem can be solved with the help of burners. Sitting beside a burner in the chilling season and getting warm is the best felling one can have. But the biggest question comes in when you decide to buy one for your house is “which one is the best for you?” and “if I actually need one for myself?” and “if it’s going to be the right decision to not lose money?”

Buying Pellet Stoves
Buying Pellet Stoves

Both the stoves are perfect for keeping your house and you warm in the winters. They have come up a long way in the last few years and have become the most demanding product when it comes to heating your home in winters. Both have grown in terms of technology as well as design.

To have the answer for all the doubts let us discuss all the important feature and points which are necessary to know the difference between both the stoves and which can help you to decide which is the best for you. However, did you learned one more thing yet? Here are the 12 best commercial espresso machine reviews we collect for you.


Wood Stove

Wood stoves have evolved and come in both styles i.e. insert in style and free-standing style. They are good to heat your home or she’d like area. They also come in many designs and models now so you will find something to match your style and interiors.

Pellet Stoves

Pellet Stoves
Pellet Stoves


Pellet stoves come in both insert style and free-standing style. They are no more ugly looking industrial heaters, in fact, they have changed the market of the heater by becoming the fashionable heating appliance for the home and coming in so many designs that buyer has the choice to make according to their taste, house design, and preferences.


The performance of Wood Stove certainly depends on the size of the stove, if the stove is bigger it will lose its efficiency as it will need more fuel to burn and that will take more time to warm the room. This will be a loss of time and fuel at the same time. On the contrary, the Pellet Stoves have a controlled burning spot in their burning pot which will help you to use a limited amount of its fuel. Which in result not only help you to save a lot of wastage of fuel and also the small number of fuel burns easily and faster, that will save you a lot of time to warm up a room.

Cost Effectiveness

Wood stove cost same as pellet stove costs when you buy them, both have almost same pricing for the main unit and the market price is something which cannot be the only deciding criteria to conclude that which stove is costly and which is not. The difference of the pricing comes when the installation comes in the front scene for both the stoves. Wood Stoves need fully insulated chimney which goes above the roof peak and that adds up into the cost of installation. Whereas Pellet Stoves just need the direct vent or a smaller chimney which saves you the money in installation.  So the importance of the pricing is an important consideration before making the final decision.

Fuel Cost

Fuel is the one thing which will make the burner to run efficiently. So the cost of fuel is an important consideration as the cost of the burner itself. Wood Stove uses wood as it’s fuel and having wood is quite easy if you have the property with the trees growing over there and you have an annual cutting of them or you know someone who can provide you with the wood than it is almost no cost thing. But even if you have to buy timber for your burner even than it won’t be that costly. While Pellet Stoves uses pellets which are made of compressed wood waste and they come in the bags. But the only problem with the pellet stove is that its fuel is not easily available everywhere, so if your area doesn’t have any shop which sells them then you will face problems. You either have to store them or you will have to go the extra mile to buy them every time you are running out of it.

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Maintenance is the most crucial step for any appliance and for the burner, it is the most important as well. Both kinds of burner need the regular check to run smoothly and to avoid any kind of dysfunctionality in the machine and to avoid the major problem which will result in spending a whole lot of amount to get rid of it. While both the burners need regular checking but cleaning the whole chimney and wood burner in quite tiring and hard then cleaning just the auger. Also as wood stove burns wood there will be a higher waste in the burner, while pellet stoves burn the pellets made out of waste, the amount of waste in the auger will be very less.

Other Important Things to Consider

The most important thing to consider is electricity, a Pellet Stoves needs electricity to run so if you are living in an area where electricity goes out frequently than you have to have a back up to run your burner. While Wood Stove does not require any kind of electricity to run and can be used even if there is no electricity.

Another thing to consider is having a burner which is Eco-friendly, so Pellet Stoves are of course more Eco-friendly than Wood Stove as they burn the waste materials on the very first step and emits a very less amount of fumes and ash. While Wood stove will always emit more fumes and ash, as it burns wood, and any kind of wood cannot solve this problem as burning wood tends to produce smoke and ash no matter what kind of wood you are using.

So with all this discussion one can probably is able to compare between the two and can choose the one they like and which fulfill their requirements and fits into their budget.