Tips to Travel with Muay Thai Training in Phuket and Thailand

Planning a holiday should be about what makes you happy. If your focus is on fitness, then traveling to experience the ultimate combat sport can create thrilling encounters. If you prefer relaxation, then perhaps a beach vacation is best. No matter what you plan for your time away, the following tips can help you along your travels.

Tips to Travel with Muay Thai

Thrill Seekers Should Plan an Action-Packed Vacation

From combat sports to hiking or performing intense fitness on a remote island, there are many ways to enjoy your holiday if you are an adrenalin junkie! Determine what the purpose of your holiday is and align your travel plans with those objectives. For thrill seekers, there are many sports, adventure and exciting experiences that await.

Choose the Best Accommodation You Can Afford

Apart from living life to the fullest on your adventures, you need a place to relax, unwind and rejuvenate. Accommodation is a big factor when planning a fitness holiday. You need to refresh and feel energized for your next high-level performance. Whether a hotel, resort or modest cottage your accommodation should offer air conditioning, basic amenities and ease of access to major roads and travel.

Do not get carried away when looking for the ideal place to stay. Consider your budget and plan accordingly. There are many different types of accommodation each offering its own space, features, and services to meet your needs.

Consider the Location You are Traveling to

If you planning a beach holiday, pack accordingly. Sunscreen, hats, lightweight clothing and swimwear are common travel items. When you are traveling for fitness, the correct exercise gear, training shoes, wraps and everything you need for your active holiday can help you best plan ahead.

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Experience Local Cuisine

Do not fail to experience the local cuisine and culture when on holiday. If you are visiting an exotic destination such as Thailand, you can sample everything from fresh ocean platters to stir-fried pumpkin, spicy shrimp soup, fried catfish and more. Your destination should allow you to travel with ease to the local markets or for a fine-dining experience.


Plan which places at the local destination you want to visit. Include popular sightseeing locations including attractions that are not often encountered. This provides an incredible opportunity to experience and to learn more about your incredible holiday destination.

Join a Muay Thai Program for a Good Holiday

The Muay Thai holiday at Phuket island is growing in popularity. Travel to Thailand at  and experience daily training with some of the best instructors in the land. During your vacation, you will adhere to a schedule with training performed at a certified training camp. From morning to evening routines, daily activity is arranged to ensure you learn the art of the combat sport and achieve results.

Muay Thai is an incredible martial art that not only benefits your body but your mind too. In Thailand, you can train on the beach or at your camp on a local island or Phuket island. For the ultimate fitness holiday, experience the power of Muay Thai in the heart of Thailand.

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