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Wallpaper Guide: 7 Types and 6 Benefits

Wallpapers are one of the best materials for refinishing walls. There are reasons why wallpaper was used centuries ago until now. Though it has lost some of its popularity to painting, it regained its fame when manufacturers integrated advantageous characteristics into it.

Wallpaper Guide

Wallpaper Guide 7 Types and 6 Benefits

For instance, some wallpapers today have LED lights to lighten up a room further, and some have to block Wi-Fi waves to prevent it from falling off during an earthquake. Wallpaper techniques have evolved, too, from stenciling and woodblock printing to digital production. Usually, wallpaper shops in Dubai and most areas in the world sell this wall-covering material in rolls. European wallpaper is 21.5 inches x 33 feet, while American wallpaper is 27 inches x 27 feet. Furthermore, it is offered in a wide range of colors and designs.

Read further to know the different wallpaper types and their benefits.

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Types of Wallpaper

Wallpaper is made from different materials. Knowing the different types will help you choose the right application for every room in your house.

1. Printed

Printed wallpaper is available in digitally printed and hand-printed options. Though it can be mass-produced, its quality can be compromised. Also, the ink used to make it is water-based, so installing it in humid areas like the kitchen and bathroom is not recommended.

2. Liner

Made of fiberglass or paper, liner wallpaper is often used as a base for other wallpaper types. Still, it can be used alone and may even be painted. It is known for its effectiveness at minimizing repairs and hiding wall defects.

3. Foil

Foil wallpaper has a polished metal foil as its base, giving your room a shiny metallic effect. But because it is reflective, it can highlight wall defects. So if you want to use this type of wallpaper, it is recommended that the base of the wall be covered with lining paper or treated and repaired first. Moreover, the adhering process and lining must be very neat to ensure that the foil’s reflectivity is smooth and shiny.

4. Vinyl

Vinyl wallpaper is made of a printed paper coated with vinyl. The thicker the vinyl layer, the more durable it is. It can be applied in bathrooms and kitchens because it can withstand steam and is washable.

5. Flock

Its three-dimensional patterns make flock wallpaper unique. It is made of a velvet-like fibre with a paper as its base. Its texture gives a sense of luxury, but it is hard to maintain and is not washable. Thus, it should only be used in low-traffic areas, such as the guest room and the master bedroom.

6. Bamboo

As its name implies, this wallpaper type is made of natural bamboo glued to paper. Its color differs from one roll to another because of its natural base. It is the most eco-friendly option, but it entails gentle treatment during installation because the adhesive can destruct its look and feel.

7. Mylar

Mylar wallpaper is made of a polyester film with a printed paper base. Like foil wallpaper, this type offers a shiny finish and highlights defects. Its top coating makes it washable and easier to remove. Still, delicate care is required during installation to avoid wrinkling the paper.

6 Wallpaper Benefits

Wallpaper offers plenty of benefits to homeowners.

1. Personalization

Nothing beats using wallpapers when it comes to adding personality to your home. Available in different colors and patterns, you can choose one that suits your taste and preferences. Also, you can pick one that offers your desired look and feel. Moreover, it is available in a wide range of finishes and textures, such as silky and matte.

The quick ship wallpaper, for instance, is offered on different surfaces, colors, and textures. You and your family can choose from warm whites to calming hues or pink. This collection offers plenty of styles and colors to complement everyone’s interior preferences.

2. Long-lasting

High-quality wallpapers can last for up to two decades. As compared to wall paint, it must be redone every three years. With wallpapers, you can save a considerable amount of money and avoid the stress of repainting your walls.

Here are some tips for using wallpaper:

  • Treat all cracks and holes in your wall before installing the wallpaper.
  • For walled paper, you must peel off the old paper and wash off or scrape the old glue.
  • The wall must be flat and treated well.

3. Flexible

Wallpapers can be used in any shape you want. For instance, you can cover a single wall using two different types. You can also use narrow strips to emphasize a portion of the wall. Moreover, you can differentiate functional areas in your house by assigning different wallpaper along with the spaces so the household can easily identify which space is used for what function.

4. Easy to install and maintain

Installing wallpapers does not necessarily need professional help. If you know how to install it, it is quite easy. All you need is an adhesive. Also, make sure that no bubbles are formed between the wallpaper and the wall.

Maintaining this wall covering is as easy as wiping it with a cloth. And because of its smooth surface, dirt won’t easily stick on it. Still, its maintenance depends on the type of wallpaper you choose to install. Obviously, wash only the washable types, or your wall covering will be ruined.

5. Affordable

Wallpapers are offered in different price ranges to suit your financial capacity. It is the right choice when looking for a practical and affordable wall covering option. And since you can install it, you can save the labor expense.

6. Non-toxic

Unlike interior paint finishes for walls, wallpapers don’t emit a toxic or awful odor that can harm your health. Also, paint spilling on other objects is not a huge concern. With wallpapers, you just have to remove the spilled glue using absorbent cotton balls. Moreover, wallpapers are eco-friendly.

When renovating your property, it is quite hard to satisfy everyone’s preference. But with wallpapers, everyone can choose their desired pattern and design. It can even be replaced easily should you want to change it with a different color and texture.

Indeed, wallpapers are excellent choices for beautifying your rooms. It is affordable, durable, flexible, and suitable for all ages. Just make sure to use high-quality wallpapers and get it only from reputable suppliers who can also provide you with valuable installation and maintenance tips to guarantee the longevity of your wall covering.

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