What is the Attitude of Gratitude?

Thanksgiving is a really good practice devised keeping in mind the development of “attitude of gratitude” among people in our society. We as humans need to learn several things about being grateful for our blessings.

When we express our thankfulness to any particular person or situation the first positive change that occurs is within ourselves. We feel good, liberated and more compassionate. So many mixed emotions start pondering in our heart that makes us feel lighter for the whole day. In fact, when we express our gratitude to some person, we form amicable relations with them. We make them realize their importance in our life. We give a chance to someone for being happy about their existence.

Attitude of Gratitude

Benefit of Gratitude
Benefit of Gratitude

We think specifically to count our blessing when we practice gratitude and what better way to make your life special and charged up than this! Humanity needs a lot of goodness and compassion to dwell in peace and nothing can be difficult when we start expressing our gratitude towards the good things in our lives.

In order to evolve as the person with an attitude of gratitude, we need to inculcate some life-changing habits in our schedules. It is not really difficult. In fact, it is easier than any work out practice too!

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Let us learn through this article that how you can practice gratitude with diligent endeavor:

1. Say “Good Morning” to Self:

Waking up every day and rushing to the office is a regular routine for most of the people in the world. How about waking up every day with a smile and adorning your own self with “good morning”?

Start wishing yourself and admire the healthy night’s sleep you had. It starts right in the bed!

2. Talk to people to help them out and not judging them:

Well, it can be challenging but we need to stop judging people at times. When we talk to people about their problems and situations, we start analyzing their situations. We start believing that there must be a hidden story behind the actual scene that the other person is telling us. But it is not always so.

When you meet someone in distress, just talk out to them. Help them out and try to make them look at the positive aspects of the situation. Tell them a few things that you admire in them and how they can come out of a difficult situation by being grateful for their blessings.

3. Write Some Gratitude Based Incidents in Your Diary:

In every person’s life, there is a mixed kind of experiences that we go through. Some of them are good while others are bad. The irony of our lives is that we remember the bad experiences for the rather long time while we remember the good ones as a sideline. In fact, we tend to forget the good experiences at a much faster rate. Just try to reverse this phenomenon in your life. Practice gratitude by writing such things in your diary that you are thankful too! Write at least one thing every day that made you filled with gratitude. Develop this habit of writing every day. You will see the remarkable difference in your attitude.

4. Do Not Compare But Accredit Yourself of Your Achievements:

The comparison is an evil most often as it gives rise to the feelings of in-complacency. However much we may achieve in life, but when we start comparing it with others we never feel happy about it.

Therefore, stop comparing your lives with others. Admire what you achieve. You need to practice gratitude here by giving yourself full credit for your latest achievements and being thankful for attaining this ability to do so.

The biggest challenge in life is to be better than your own self. There is no competition bigger than that! We do not know the circumstances of the other person. Just like in a race- can you tell a horse, a fish and a snail to compete equally? But they have their own reasons to be proud of!

Be grateful for your achievements and abilities.

5. Talk about Gratefulness with People:

We should share with others about our experiences when you really felt obliged due to some random act of kindness by any other person. Good thoughts and good words are like the ripples that create the waves of happiness at a large scale.

In order to adopt the attitude of gratitude, we need to open up to the changing dynamics to society. At times you need to stop by and admire the beauty of the different nature of people. The whole world is filled with endless positive energy that we can inherit only by being gratified of its existence. All we need to do is to be open to the new experiences and be thankful for our abilities to acquire them.