The World’s Best Beaches For Seashell Hunting

There’s plenty of stuff that people can do to have fun with at the beach. Some like to ride the waves, others like to shoot their adrenaline levels by engaging in countless water sports or like to bath in the sun and just relax. But one of the more interesting recreational beach activities that people find themselves doing often, is shelling or seashell hunting.

World’s Best Beaches

World's Best Beaches
Best Beaches For Seashell Hunting

Seashell hunting is especially revered in those beaches where the weather and water conditions allow more shells to wash up on shores. If you’re a seashell hunter yourself looking for a good game, here are some of the best beaches where shells are found in abundance:

1. Sanibel Island, Florida

Florida is chock full of beaches, but none of them have as many shells as Sanibel Island. It is a barrier island just west of Fort Myers and has lots of shells that wash up on its shores. Many folks visit the island to collect seashells, making this a major source of income for the island’s economy. There are a variety of shells that can be found at the island, including conchs, scallops, coquinas, and tulips. The island also serves as a great getaway destination as there are restaurants and accommodations as well as plenty of nature and wildlife that would even attract billionaires such as Dmitry Rybolovlev.

2. Bandon, Oregon

This area isn’t exactly considered to be a top shelling destination, but that doesn’t stop it from providing visitors with plenty of shell-collecting opportunities. Bandon is a good seaside town that has protected areas around the mouth of the Coquille River, which in turn brings shells up on the shore.

3. Barricane Beach- Devon, England

Barricane Beach is a pretty nice beach for shelling in Devon, England near Woolacombe. It consists of slate rocks that are millions of years old and have been studied due to the fossils that are found there. Here, you can find exotic shells and cowries that have been transported by the Gulf Stream from the Caribbean Sea. The beach is known for its popular ramble events, but visitors can also engage in surfing or simply lounging. The beach can be reached via parking lots that are only a five-minute walk away. Bear in mind that there aren’t any lifeguards there and the nearest restrooms are at the Woolacombe car park.

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4. Shell Beach – Shark Bay, Western Australia

This delightful and aptly-named beach is located in the Shark Bay area of Western Australia. From afar, one may assume that Shell Beach’s shores consist of snow when upon closer inspection, it is actually covered in shells. It is said that some of the shells there go down about 10 meters deep, which are known as coquina bivalve shells that are believed to have been deposited about 4,000 years ago. The high salinity of the seawater, as well as the regional climate, might be reasons as to why there are plenty of shells at the beach. You may also find shells that extend out from the shoreline into the sea, forming large chunks of shells that appear to have fused with one another.

5. Galveston Island, Texas

It may come as a bit of a surprise to have a Texan city on the list, but the end of the Galveston Island is indeed a great place to go for shelling. And one of the best places to engage in this endeavor is the Sea Shell Beach Pocket Park. Over here, you’ll find various types of shells like zebra periwinkles, murex, claims, and scallops. The whole island is over 32 miles long, though the west end is where all of the fun beachcombing tends to be. The temperatures may be mild, but the winter months are usually the best time for beachcombing as the winds push the Gulf Coast waters back from the shore and. This is when most of the shells get exposed and are the easiest to find from the rest.

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