AdSense Payment Reissue Systems – Request Reissue Payment

This info will be effective for AdSense publisher. The process is AdSense payment reissue systems. I am a new AdSense publisher. I have started AdSense in January 2017. AdSense is my future earning section. Today, I will show how to reissue the old check to get the refund on your AdSense earning dashboard.

Payment Reissue System

My first thing was getting AdSense payment by check. It was my wrong idea even you can ask me – Why? Actually, I wanted to get my first check by postal service at that time, I wasn’t prepared about AdSense Payments Systems. They said that where EFT is available, the check will not be deposited.

EFT means (Electronic Fund Transfer). So I just wanted to get my first payment in hand so that I added payment methods by check. I waited for this check until long days even I was worried about my check that Can I get or not? I was so happy after getting my first payment by check. My first check was $143 dollar. As a new publisher, I able to get my first check within 2 months. After all, I was happy with the AdSense check.

AdSense Payment Reissue Systems

But the moment of the clearing checks was worse because I am not able to clear the check at anyhow. As the terms of the condition of the clearing check by City Bank NA, when I show this AdSense check then they can’t deposit the check on their city bank NA Branch. They told me that recently they had stopped foreign check exchange so that they can’t deposit this check. So I wasn’t satisfied with this service as well as my first payment may be going to hold for 60 days. It was my education part of AdSense payment.

Times for Payment Reissue

Expect of getting my first AdSense payment has been removed. I had followed some tutorial and I understood that my check can be reissued after 60 days of the first issue date. After all, I have waited 60 days so that I able to see the reissue option. There was no wrong about the reissue. Actually, within 60 days if anyone deposits your check, you cannot see the reissue message on your transaction page. Because you check was deposited successfully. Also, it’s not possible without any identity.

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Payment Refund in Progress

After submitting the request to reissue payment, you will see a message on the top side of your transaction page that refund in progress: Check for ($0.00=> your dollar). This message has appeared on my dashboard so I am happy about this service. It was an accident in my life. I still working with AdSense. Without this $143 dollar, I also able to get 2 payment from Google AdSense.

In this finishing moments, I want to share something with you. I have a tutorial for how to get employability and like my channel hopemyworlds. Pray for me so that I can upload the best tutorial or article for you and subscribe to my website and channel to get news of my update. You can share this article to your friend or others. As like me that I have complete the AdSense payment reissue systems successfully. After all, if you have any question about your payment, you can show yourself in the comment option below.

Thanks a lot for expanding your valuable time and goodbye.