Best Exercises for Gaining Muscle Fat

Let’s face it, there is nothing more frustrating and annoying than spending hours at the gym and not seeing results. Sometimes people move from machine to machine hurriedly without pay attention to exercises. This happens because of a lack of motivation and time.

Having a new body is not so complicated; it just requires your time and effort. Whether you want to lose weight or gain more muscles, you will have to take out time for it.

Gaining Muscle Fat
Gaining Muscle Fat

We have listed some exercises that will help you stay in shape. Have a look!

Bench Press

This is just like squats for the chest and without any doubt, it is the best exercise for building muscles for the chest. Like any other exercise, the form is the most crucial thing that you need to keep on your mind. One of the common mistakes made by many people is flaring out the elbows.

The right position for your arms is going about 45 degrees out from your body. This will decrease the risk of injuries. The most common injuries are of the rotator cuff. Your focus should be on squeezing the chest for exploding the weight up. If you want to know more about chest exercises, read about it here.


One of the best exercises to follow for gaining muscles is deadlifts. It is extremely important for you to have the correct form to avoid injuries. When you are starting the deadlifts for the first time, you need to add a comfortable weight onto the bar. Your feet should be shoulder width apart.

For having full back exhaustion, it is advised to have a good pair of lifting wraps. Then, you should squat till your shins touch the barbell. Your hips must be in a natural position; while doing this your focus must be on driving your heels and moving upward as you stand up. Keep in mind that your back must be straight.

When the bar is at the knee level, you need to concentrate on pushing your hips in the forward position while contracting your back. This will pull the shoulder blades back. Pause for a moment and slowly lower the bar.


It is considered as a king of exercises. This is because it engages the whole lower body. It will even cause the body to naturally release the anabolic hormones. Though it is a demanding exercise, it is quite beneficial.

When it is not performed properly, it can put stress on your joints and spine. This is why it is advised to always warm up your body with a weight you are okay with.

Performing squats is quite easy, you need to keep your legs shoulder-width apart. Your eyes must be starting ahead. You must tighten and flex your glutes and abs. You should bring your glutes close to your ankles.

In the end, you need to follow these easy exercises to build your muscle. Once you are comfortable with these, you should increase the intensity and weight to make it more challenging.

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