Concrete Polishing – A Growing Trend in Building Construction

From the usually boring concrete floors to polished concrete floors, the growing trend in San Diego County CA has left us mesmerized. Concrete itself being inexpensive was the reason why it was becoming a major construction material and since the polished concrete has landed, it has changed the whole concept of having concrete in the building.

If you are not familiar with what this “Polished concrete” is, here is all that you need to know!

Concrete Polishing
Concrete Polishing

What Is Concrete Polishing?

A glossing and mirror-like finish for floors are all that you get with the concrete polishing. Though the concrete refers to the dull and boring floors with polished concrete, you get a wide range of design option. From any color to patterns, cut and embed aggregates, you can choose whatever attracts you and own your floors. Also, it gives flexibility of choosing the levels of concrete polishing, all you need is to do a little research on finding the best concrete polishing companies in San Diego County CA.

Reasons Behind Popularity Of Concrete Polishing

Popularity Of Concrete Polishing

Besides it offers a wide range of design options and a glossy effect, there are many other reasons why it is becoming popular among both, residential and commercial properties.

Residential Properties

  • It is a cost-effective solution.
  • With increased life-span, you are free from floor renovation.
  • Polished concrete requires easy cleaning, keeping you refrain from allergens.
  • Enjoy a wide range of colors and designs.

Commercial Properties

  • It’s almost maintenance.
  • Resistant to foot traffic.
  • Requires occasional damp mopping.
  • High light reflectivity, presents the finest shape of the building.
  • It’s a justified flooring solution.

For the above-mentioned reasons, concrete polishing is becoming popular at both the level. They eliminate the hassled of dealing with the messy waxes and coating. Also, the applying process of polished concrete requires less time and efforts, resulting in saving a major time. And for years, it remains as it has been newly installed.

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Polished Concrete Spotted in Schools and Airports!

By now, we got a clear idea why people are falling for polished concrete floors. We have seen such flooring at a number of places at both residential and commercial level. However, at the commercial level, the most common two places spotted are schools and airports. When we explored why a number of schools, as well as airports, are opting polished concrete flooring, here is what we concluded.


Remodeling commercial properties like schools and airports area hell of a task and cannot be done after every few years. Not only does the remodeling costs high but also you can restrict a certain place for that long. Since the polished concrete has emerged in the industry, people have fallen for this option because it offers timeless beauty that lasts of years. Also, it does not require specific maintenance to uplift the floors. It just goes perfectly fine with regular cleaning using a mop.

Resist Foot Traffic

School and airports are such two places that have to bear the high traffic and when you have a plain floor, its beauty fades away within a few years. Also, at the airports, people have to drag the wheel trolleys that leave the marks behind that only polished concrete floors can bear. The best thing about the polished concrete floor is that you will be walking straight on the concrete, not on the coating or the material used to cover the floor. Being exceptionally resilience, these floors do not need a replacement for years. Even after years, it only needs a minor restoration, keeping it a green flooring solution.

Concrete Polishing Facts For Contractors

For concrete polishing, you need a contractor from quality concrete polishing companies in San Diego County CA. However, before you hire to ensure that he knew the following facts.

Concrete Polishing Method

First things first, let’s talk about the applying method. There are two methods that you may choose to apply for polished concrete i-e topical polishing and mechanical polishing. The prior method needs lightweight machines to accomplish the targets whereas the second method requires large floor grinders and densifiers. Both the methods provide high-end flooring results.

Aggregate Exposure

Your contractor should keep in mind the exact size aggregate is required. Usually, a larger aggregate is required for grinding and cost you a high bill. However, if not exact, it should be close to the surface as much possible so that you can have plenty of cement around.


Despite the method, you choose to ensure that the final result is as good as the canvas given to the artist. While applying polishing techniques, the contractor should pay a close attention to the edges of each pour. If the areas are not covered and finished properly, they will turn into white and chalky because of the less polish to blend in the areas.


We recommend using removable cure-n-seal for such floors. Often a wet cured slab will leave too many color inconsistencies from overlap lines of the curing blankets, or where sections of the floor were more or less wet than other areas.


The best thing about polished concrete floors is that they offer a wide range of color options. But remember that the choice of colors will make a difference in the price. Usually, the integral colors are expensive but are valuable. One of the most affordable ways to get the color concrete floors is the use of penetrating dyes.

Level Of Gloss

This totally depends on your choice, but the contractors can help you decide the one. The matte finish will range between 15 and 25 reading and the sheen varies from 26 to 35 (low sheen), and from 36 to 50 (high sheen) and a high gloss 51+.

Lastly, though the polished concrete is low maintenance product yet it’s the duty of your contractor to guide the right way of maintaining it. Remember that no two concrete slabs are alike, so you can expect a zigzag design. Be careful while choosing the right contractor who can guide you through the right way.